Friday, January 25, 2013

FYI Friday

1.  With the Arctic temps outside right now, my mind is thinking of far off tropical places and luscious gardens.  This article has me wanting to transform my entire backyard (and front for that matter).
2.  I am so intrigued, awestruck, and mesmerized by Chef Marcus Samuelsson.  He seems like the most gentle, sincere, and one-hell-of-a-good-chef kind of guy.  Of his numerous restaurant endeavors, I'd love to eat at The Red Rooster in Harlem.  Maybe someday I will.  His face has become a fixture on cable television and I constantly amazed at the daily content on his blog.  Where does the man find the time?  I know he has a force behind him, but the ideas and talent are all his own.  I'm sure of it.  Even though I'm not a reader, I'm interested to learn more about him in his memoir, "Yes, Chef."

3.  One of the first blogs I ever came across was because of an internet search for a local restaurant.  I was looking for an honest review and had no idea what (who) I was about to come across.  The search led to one of my first real "blog friends" and someone who has taught me so much.  Her first blog, The Review Lady, has been referenced on here numerous times.  From restaurant reviews, to in-depth Bed & Breakfast reviews, to extensive travel reviews, and luscious recipes, every one of her posts was eloquently written and beautifully photographed.  I am so happy to announce that she has relaunched her blog, with a complete design overhaul, as "Local on the Road."  I highly recommend the read.  You never know when your travels might intersect with somewhere she has been.  Trust me, you will appreciate her attention to detail!

4.  I've had an incurable sweet tooth as of late.  Seeing things like this cake don't help.

5.  Did you watch The Taste premier?  I was excited to see what would make Anthony Bourdain leave Top Chef and I have to admit, I was a little bored with it.  I'm hoping it will pick up once they get their teams in place.  In the mean time, I can't say I mind looking and listening to Ludo.  



  1. Yes, The Taste was a little dull. I'm hoping the next show is more entertaining.

  2. I love Marcus and Red Rooster! I've met him once and he's really sweet in person also...just as you'd expect after reading Yes, Chef!