Sunday, January 27, 2013


One of my mantras this year is to be more fun and lighthearted.  Being a perfectionist gets in the way with a lot of my fun and creativity because of my personal high standards (totally unachievable, I might add).  I'm trying not to be so serious all the time and find humor and joy in the small things.  Thankfully, I have 2 giant helpers at home!  

These are 2 funny stories from my little red-headed wonder, Colin.

Story #1:

Last week I got the first dreaded phone call from his school.  You know, the one where they introduce themselves as Ms. X from your son's elementary school?  The one where you heart stops for a second and you feel your stomach begin to dance?  Yeah, that one.  The lady on the other end tells me Colin is in the office with a stomach ache and a slight fever.  I wasn't too concerned with the 99 degree fever because my kids are warm blooded, unlike their mother who is a cold-hearted snake.  I 'm getting off track.  Being the concerned parent that I dutifully am, I phoned a friend, my mom, and had her pick him up.  Wes came home from work and all was well.  

Well the long and short of it was, he seemed perfectly fine.  He did say it hurt and that he had tried to go to the bathroom but nothing happened.  

Well fast forward to the next morning.  Out of the blue he tells me that he must have had his belt on the 3rd hole instead of the 2nd and that's what was making his stomach hurt the day before.  He went on to say that had to be it because his stomach didn't hurt at all today.  Really?  You came home because your pants were too tight?!  I stood there dumbfounded.  I went on to reiterate that we only come home from school if we are really sick and that we need to make sure of it before we call mom.  He seemed to understand.  We'll see.

Story #2:

Last night at dinner, out of the blue.

Colin: "No one would sell their house for 138 dollars."  

Me:  "No?"

Colin:  "Probably not even 100 dollars!"

Me:  "Why not?  How much do you think they should sell it for?"

Colin:  "Well I have to get a house close to you and they have to know that I won't have much money because I will have just gotten out of school and you don't have a lot of money then.  And I have to have a nice house.  I better start looking."


"I need to decide what kind of job I'm going to have!"  (Hands go to head as if he's disgruntled about it.)

Wes:  "I think you've got some time, buddy."

At least he's planning ahead!


  1. These stories made me smile! What a funny guy! ;)

  2. What a crack up! If anything will help let go of perfectionism it's becoming a mom!