Friday, November 23, 2012

FYI Friday

I thought about posting 5 great Black Friday deals today, but alas, I figured everyone was probably Black Friday'ed out.  Even though I'm a big shopper, I've never gotten into the Thanksgiving frenzy.  Call me crazy, but Thanksgiving still means spending time with your family in my book.
1.  I struggle from time to time with content for my blog.  I usually end up posting about anything and everything but this article made me stop and think.  I'm not saying I'll completely change, but it did make me think of the direction and purpose of my site.
2.  One of the drawbacks of not preparing Thanksgiving at your own home is not getting to make concoctions with the leftovers.  Of course there's the traditional (and perfectly acceptable) turkey sandwich, but some of the more creative options have my mouth watering.  
3.  Ever think that you could be generous by taking?
4.  I'm in the market for some teacher gift ideas.  I've found some cute ideas but I haven't found the perfect one.  Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
5.  Oprah's network is failing, so she's trying something new.  This is crazy.


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