Friday, November 2, 2012

FYI Friday

1.  Thank you for those of you who provided advice and commiserated with me on my "Solicited Advice" post.  I really appreciate any help I can get and sometimes just knowing you're not alone is just the reassurance you need.  I found a great article on the subject that helps parents learn to play with their children.  Looks like I'm (we're) not the only one!
2.  Along those same lines, this article was equally helpful and thought-provoking.  Sometimes it's important to remember that spending a little quality time with you child reassures them that you care.  It's the little things we do now that will last a lifetime.  

3.  Seeing Starbucks roll out the red holiday cups this morning, just made me smile.  I've definitely been feeling the holiday season this week and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the season this year, instead of fretting about from place to place.  How cute are these?

4.  I'm super excited about getting a head start on my Christmas shopping this weekend with a dear friend.  Nothing like spending the day with one of your favorite people while shopping here and here and eating here!  This is a new restaurant for us, so of course that excites us!  Hope it lives up to they hype.

5.  For my second day of thankfulness, today I'm thankful for the adaptability of my children.  Although they both love routine, they both amaze me with how well and how quickly they adapt to new situations.  Colin has been to several different schools, churches, and other activities full of strangers, yet somehow he never complains or gets frightened.  He quietly observes for a while and then meshes right in with the flow.  What an awesome trait to have!  

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