Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ride, Ride Horsey!

It's no secret that Sawyer is our wild child.  He has no fears.  He falls, cries, and then gets right back up.  He's resilient and loves life!  With all his climbing, it's no surprise that getting on our leg and "riding the horsey" is one of his favorite activities.  As he fondly refers to it, he wants to "ride, ride horsey!"  The "horse" can be any number of things - our legs, our stomachs if we're laying down, even Colin.  And now, the table leg!



  1. Love the glasses! Sam recently took mine & puts them on first thing every morning.

  2. So cute! loving the sunglasses.

  3. He's going to love you for these pictures in a few years! Anna loves to back up to things, a wall, a door, a chair, and then bounce forward and backwards using her caboose as a cushion, I think she and Sawyer would really hit it off : )