Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day

This week marked a very important, yet sad milestone for us.  Sawyer started "school."  I've never really had an issue with being done having kids.  I feel incredibly blessed that I've been given the 2 darlings that I have, but I've always been content with 2.  Lately, however, I've been feeling a few more tugs at the old heart strings when I look at little Sawyer biscuit.  I find myself rocking him a little longer as I give him his nightly milk, squeezing him a little tighter before I put him to bed, and just trying to soak up every breath of that adorable high-pitched squeaky voice.  Knowing he's our last baby has made me really appreciate the fact that once he graduates from certain milestones, I likely won't be experiencing them again until perhaps my grandchildren.  

Wes has decided he needs to actually go into the office 4, maybe 5, days a week.  He had been working from home a couple days a week and kept Sawyer on those days.  It was an incredible opportunity for him to him to bond with the boys (he's done it since Colin was a baby) and the boys loved getting to stay home with Daddy.  He was also a tremendous help to me, as he ran errands, did the grocery shopping, and was available to drop off/pick up the kids from various places.  

I knew the time would come when he'd need to work more and I truly hated to see him having to occupy his nights and weekends doing work he could have done during normal business hours during the week.  We knew Sawyer was getting to the age where he needed social interaction with children his own age, so he could learn important sharing!  He has had a few sitters and been to the nursery at church, but other than my mom, he had a very small network of social interactions.

The timing has worked out nearly perfectly, as the daycare right in our backyard had one part-time opening available.  This was huge because they have a waiting list of 50-60 children at all times.  If any part of this process was easy, this was it.  It was obviously meant to be for him to attend this school.  Wes and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this school and that made the transition that much easier.

I began "prepping" Sawyer about school this weekend and he seemed very excited.  I told him it was his school and he nodded in agreement.  He went on to say, "Saw-Saw's school.  Not Bubby's, not Mommy's, not Daddy's, but Saw-Saw's."  I heard this no less than 20 times, so I felt my work was done.

The morning of, he was still raring to go.  I was afraid that would come to a screeching halt once we got to school but he proved me wrong.  One thing about that works in my favor with Sawyer is that if he hears another child crying, he won't cry.  We walked into a room of crying kids, so I knew I was safe!  Sure enough, his little lip did quiver when I left, but no tears.  At least not from him.  I was more relieved than anything else that I didn't have to see or hear him cry, so I think that helped distract me from getting emotional.  Wes felt sad and somewhat guilty about it all but we both know this is for the best and it won't be the last hard parenting decision we'll have to make.  It sure makes it easier knowing he was okay and that he has already adapted.

His teacher gave him a glowing report and said that no tears were shed.  She sang his praises loudly.  Sawyer was still very excited to see Daddy when he went to pick him up though.  Wes said they were just all sitting in a circle and Sawyer was just smiling away at something.  When he saw Wes, he jolted up and ran to him.  What a wonderful feeling!

Our first day of school photo shoot.  The shoes were a must.  Those are his new-to-him-shoes that he has only taken off to sleep.  He was a tad more receptive to the shoot than big brother.

Looking to Daddy for instruction.

Take your thumb out of your mouth.

Look at Mommy.


Sometimes you have to be patient to be successful!



  1. Glad it went well! I know what you mean about being done. Shawn says he's finished but every time I think, "this is the last time I'll *fill in the blank*" I fall to pieces.

  2. What a sweet post! You have a beautiful family. :)

  3. I love these pics of him!!! I am glad he is liking "school"- Tula is loving it too!

  4. So happy Sawyer's first day went so well! I can't help but to be a little jealous of the fact that he's just now starting in a daycare / school setting; you're lucky that you have family to watch him and that Wes can watch him from home ... although I can and do work from home 1-2 days a week, they aren't consistent and are filled with conference calls that require my attention, meaning I can't let a toddler run free : )