Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Easter, The Nake Brothers, Pure Handsomeness

What handsomeness is not a real word? I beg to differ and you'll be convinced too when you see the last set of pictures!

Our Easter weekend wasn't what it was supposed to be. We were supposed to visit Wes' family in Eastern Kentucky and let the boys play with their cousins that they rarely see. Colin was so excited, he'd ask daily how many more days. He had all of the events down and knew exactly when he was leaving, how long we'd be there, and who he'd see.

Unfortunately, the trip never happened. You see, part of the beauty and charm of our house and neighborhood, what attracted us there in the first place, were the beautiful big old trees. It seems Colin is allergic to one of these beautiful trees and now I feel like the worst parent ever for subjecting him to it. I know there was no way for me to have known but I still feel responsible.

His allergies let to a throat and sinus infection, which led to the dreaded antibiotics. As soon as I heard the word "contagious" I knew we were staying put. He was so pitiful and exhausted that we couldn't have gone anywhere if we wanted to.

Exhibit A: How we spent the first half of Easter weekend.

After lots of lounging (boy, that's hard for a busybody to do!), we ended the weekend much better than we started. After 48 hours of medicine, he was back to his old self again. Tell me your children do things like this.

Oh that's just Colin licking his toe because he knew he was getting caught on camera!  Boys, they are definitely different creatures than little girls!

If one does it, the other one has to as well.  I took Sawyer's shirt off so he could eat Wes' birthday cake by himself.  Well it only took a minute before the mockingbird got in on the action.

Boys will be boys, I suppose.  I'm learning.  I promise I am.  Most of the time I just look the other way.

But then other times, they can be so devilishly handsome, that I want to shout it from the rooftops that I am their proud momma!

This is a bowtie the Easter Bunny brought Colin.  He couldn't understand why he couldn't wear it with a non-collared shirt on Easter, so he opted out.  I was afraid he had lost all interest until this morning when he asked if he could wear it to school.  Why of course!  I mean could he be any cuter?!

Pure handsomeness I tell ya!



  1. now all of my coworkers think I've lost it because I totally just busted out laughing when I saw Colin licking his toe. Glad he's feeling better!

  2. Seriously? A bowtie? I can't even handle that kind of cuteness!

  3. The toe picture! That is hilarious. And will come in handy embarrassing him down the road :)