Monday, April 30, 2012


After missing the chance to spend Easter weekend with Wes' side of the family, we were all finally well enough to go for a visit this past weekend.  Colin started the countdown on Monday and continued to ask every day when it was we would be leaving.  Friday morning he woke up early and came running in our bedroom - lately this is out of character for him, as we've had to wake him up for breakfast/school.  He thought we were leaving that morning.  It broke my heart to tell him he still had to wait one more day!  He didn't seem phased and was excited to know that the "next day" was Saturday.  (He refuses to learn the meaning of the word tomorrow for some reason.)

Colin has a bit of OCD.  One of the biggest things he's obsessed with is food!  He is constantly talking, thinking, and/or consuming food.  He recently asked me how to make oven-roasted broccoli (and later cupcakes) and once I told him, he asked if I would write that down for him so he could make when he was older.

His obsessive behavior doesn't end there.  He's like a dog with a bone when he gets an idea in his head.  Ever since Easter, his focus has been on egg hunting.  We've had no less than 25 egg hunts and Wes and I are to the point where we pray for rain so we don't have to hide those darn eggs!  He is a good hunter and he gets it honestly, I love it too.  My mom hid eggs for me not too many years ago (:  But it was 1 time, 1 day, not 47 times for 15 days!

I say all of this to say, we had to take the eggs with us so that he and his cousin could have an egg hunt.  Colin even painstakingly combed through the playroom to find toys small enough to put in the eggs for prizes.  I was proud of his generosity and unselfish heart.  He was so anxious for his cousin to find the treasures and excited that he could tell him that he could keep them!

Sawyer had to get in on the action too.  Wes' dad holds his bucket while he snatches eggs out of his brother's basket.

He and his cousin are only about 8 months apart, so they are at the same stage developmentally.  They both love action figures and Colin thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with a room full of 'new' toys.  I was proud to see how well he interacted and behaved with his peer.  He played fair, shared, never hit or argued, and did a lot of studying.

Little Sawyer is not quite to the same level as the older boys.  He wants to run with them and do what they do but he gets frustrated (read: anger management issues) and ends up spending most of his time in my arms, lap, or feet (but that's a story for another day).

That's Colin's Bumblebee mask on top of his head.  He can't wear it on his face because he can't see to walk.  
Colin had a great time and played his little heart out.  He was wiped out on the way home and welcomed the chance for a little rest.



  1. I love the last picture! Is that Kevin's little boy? I think he looks a lot like him! Maybe the eyes???

  2. I love that y'all were able to re-do the Easter Egg hunt with the family! Ha, I'm sure you're ready for Colin to focus on the next holiday!

  3. Remember when I said that Sawyer and Colin were twins in their newborn pictures? I was WRONG. Sawyer is YOUR twin! I love it! I love/dread that Colin was obsessed with the egg hunting ... I guess patience is something I'll be learning more about over the next few years, good to know I can commiserate with you over a glass of wine : )