Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

How did I get so lucky that I have 3 gentlemen in my life to call my Valentine?  It's a hard life having 3 adoring boys swooning at your feet.  It's a life that I love though.  Through all the snotty noses (and booger picking), boo-boos, wrestling, and loudness, the life as a boys mother has it's moments.  But I wouldn't trade those moments for all the cake in the world.  And I love cake!

Colin informed us last night that I was his girlfriend.  When Wes protested and said I was his girlfriend, Colin got upset and said I could be more than 1 person's girlfriend.  So I'm not a polygamist.  The more the merrier, right?  I do have a lot of love to share!

To celebrate this day of love, we had a special breakfast treat of Magee's bakery biscuits with jelly for Colin & Sawyer and egg and cheese for Wes and I.  Shortly after Wes took the kids to their various locations, he called to say we were apparently supposed to bring a treat for Colin's school.  Whoops!  I thought that was optional.  Needless to say, he'll be on sugar overload when he gets home.

For dinner we'll be having roasted tomato soup (red) and grilled cheese sandwiches cut in the shape of a heart.  That is if I can find where the children absconded it to.  If not, we'll be having gingerbread grilled cheese with a dot of ketchup for the heart!

For dessert are these delicious brownies.  Well I say delicious but I have yet to try them.  Everything this lady cooks looks delicious, so I'm assuming they are.  I have a lot of faith. 
courtesy of Tracey's Culinary Adventures
The rest of our evening will be spend giving baths (to the children, dirty minds!), reading books, and trying to manage to stay awake past 9pm.  Wild and crazy times!  Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!!


  1. Oh magee's. That brings me back to my high school days. I would love a jelly donut and to cruise around downtown witht the windows down rocking out to backstreet boys :)

  2. Magees, yummy! Sounds like your holiday was as 'wild' as ours :)