Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soccer Star

Last weekend was Colin's first soccer game.  He's not going to set any records for the youngest olympic great but he had fun.  He ran with the crowd of kids but I'm not sure his foot came in contact with the ball one time during the actual game.  He did a good job of following the ball, lining up, and not sucking his thumb but lacked the aggressiveness to go after the ball and kick it.  After the game he and I looked at these pictures I took during the game and I think he seemed to be interested in trying to improve.  I pointed out the importance of listening to the coach and doing what he instructed.

We yelled, he ignored us (and the ball).

But he does win the "Best Eater" award.  The coach warned us that snack time was the highlight of the game.  Truer for some than others.

There might be some hoarding tendencies going on there.  Either that or the other kids wanted nothing to do with the big bag of apple and orange slices.
We also discussed his strong points - throwing as hard as he can.  But then I had to point out that you should throw towards someone on your team, not directly at them, especially if they're not looking.
Then we discussed Daddy's role.  It involved lots of hand-holding.

And even an attempt to have someone sit in his lap.

All in all it was a good time.  Daddy made a new friend, Colin got to run off a lot of energy.  Too bad he was too wound up for a nap.  He crashed that night though.  Here's hoping this Saturday's early game will allow for enough winding down time to get that much needed nap in!


  1. Little ones in soccer uniforms...gets me every time!

    Thanks for the info about Wild Thyme. I really enjoy Phil Dunns cooking classes. They're almost like going to a dinner party, but one where you help prep and clean up and learn some great tips along the way. We're not going this month but plan to go in October if there's a good class. Want me to send you the list of classes when I get it?

  2. They all look so cute out there on the field! Snack time looks fantastic. :)

  3. I can't believe that little girl took up with Wes that way. Funny...