Sunday, September 11, 2011


See that adorable outfit Sawyer is wearing?  Wes hates it.  I mean despises it with his every being.  I, on the other hand, love it so much it has been hanging, unworn, in Colin's closet since before he was born.  Remember that memory thing and I aren't so close anymore.  So I found the outfit hanging there, calling out to me.  I moved it to Sawyer's room and laid it out so I wouldn't forget about it (again).  

Then we moved to Seattle but someone forgot to move our stuff or us for that matter.  That was way too confusing.  We didn't really move, it just rained cats and dogs here for 40 days and 40 nights and it dropped 30 degrees in one day.  Well that 'one day' would be the day I decide to dress Sawyer in the adorable jon-jon (who is Jon, by the way and was his middle name also Jon?).  

I snuck it on him before our family dinner outing.  I knew Wes would be thrilled so I decided to warm him up by laughingly saying, "Wait 'til you see what Sawyer is wearing."

He knows me so well.  He groaned because he knew it could only mean one thing -something he would never approve of.  And he'd be right.

But then he realized how adorable he looked in it and just like the South, he seceded.  Of course I smiled because I finally had a child wearing the outfit I lovingly bought some 5 years ago.  Note to self:  buy more jon-jons because they obviously never go out of style.

When we got home from dinner and I had sufficiently paraded my exploited adorable child around town, Wes instructed me to get my camera out because this might be the last time I'd see a child of mine in that outfit.  Being the obedient wife, I obliged.

Unfortunately it was a little hard to get a good picture because my children were mesmerized by the water falling from the sky.  

I wasn't making sufficient progress for some, so I got a photography assistant.

Don't you worry, the outfit has not seen it's last day.  It is back on the same chair, laid out for the next warm day.  Come on summer, I know you've got one good day left in you!


  1. adorable! I can see the men folk not liking it though.

    can we swap weather?!!

  2. I love these! So adorable and sweet :)

  3. I think jon-jons are precious and Shannon hates them too!! He also hates overalls and sweater vests. I have a couple in Cameron's closet just waiting for the right time!! Shannon believes he should wear polos only. Umm yeah right! - Kristen H