Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big guy

Have you ever thought about when someone grows?  Do we get taller when we sleep?  Do we grow by millimeters as we nourish our bodies?  And why is that we tend to notice it after the fact, like when someone has grown nearly a foot?  I guess we don't notice it when we're around the person day in and day out, but step away for any length of time and it becomes quite obvious.

What/who has gotten me thinking about this?  This little (big) guy:

I swear I feel like he's grown a foot, grown into his protruding belly, and gotten sweeter (and calmer) in the matter of 1 day.  How is it possible that all that can happen so quickly?  I should be used to how quickly things happen by now, seeing as how I have a 14-month-old that was just born yesterday.

Since he's wearing his soccer gear, I feel compelled to at least mention his progress, or lack thereof.  He still runs with the pack but he did make strides the second game and actually kicked the ball once or twice.  I think the time of his game has a lot to do with his performance.  He's too tired to give much effort in the games later in the afternoon.  He gave his best performance in the game that was played early in the morning.  Too bad we don't have many of those.

Wes practiced with him this weekend and Colin looked like he had been playing for years.  He took the ball from Wes, kicked with authority, and dribbled like a pro.  I asked him why he didn't do that in the game but I got no response.  I suggested that maybe it was because the kids weren't Daddy but he still didn't respond.

As with everything in his life, Colin does things on his own time.  I think he has inherited his mother's perfectionism and wants to wait to do something until he can do it perfectly.  Let's just hope he perfects it before the season is over!


  1. I don't understand the timing of these games, either. Who in their right mind schedules a soccer game for a 5 year old at 7pm on a Thursday night? Really?

  2. I'm sure he'll get there! He's such a cute little (big) guy =)

  3. I know, where does the time go? When did they get so big? What a cutie - best of luck to him this soccer season (and love the image from yesterday of your little guy in the fridge!)

  4. Aww, so cute! They're both growing up so fast.

  5. I would love to know when they grow, too. Now that Anna is wearing sleepers to bed I have a feeling it's overnight as I swear I notice a few of them are already closer to being too tight on her.

    I LOVE Colin's jersey, he looks sooooo grown up!!