Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tot Spot

I have 2 tots and this post features both of them, one of them more briefly than the other, in the same location.  My baby is growing into a tot before my very eyes.  How is it possible that life speeds at such an accelerated pace once you introduce children into your world?  A very true cliche. 

Here's my tot in his spot, or at least working his way to his spot.

Seriously?  Mom, stop already with the snapping!

And my bigger tot, who provided the inspiration for the little tot, with an appropriate moniker on his shirt.

I would totally start referring to them as 'tots' if it weren't for the immediate association to Napoleon Dynamite where Randy asks Napoleon for some of his tots.   


  1. Okay - really liked seeing your pics but the part about Napoleon made me laugh on an otherwise gloomy day!!!

  2. I just wanted to pop by after your comment on my blog today and I have to say, you do some beautiful children's photography!

  3. I love tater tots almost as much as I love Anna, so I think that calling her a tot from now on is in order, Napolean Dynamite reference or not : )

    Love the chair! I'll have to keep my eye out for one for Anna ... one of my fave childhood photos is of me in a mini-me lawn chair my grandparents had at their house.

  4. Just jumped on here to say hi! Your pics look great! I can't believe how much the boys have changed. Hope your enjoying the last days of summer!

  5. I have never really thought Sawyer looked that much like Colin until that last shot of him. That look screams big brother.

  6. They both look so cute! They look so much older from when I started reading your blog. Becoming sweet little gentlemen.