Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kung Fu Master

Wes and Colin are forever wrestling, chasing each other, and doing all sorts of 'boys only' things.  A few months ago, I knew I was in for a treat when I heard "hi-yah" and other various grunts and groans coming from the living room.  Sure enough, Wes was teaching him some karate moves, complete with the sound effects.

Taking a que from that, I bought Colin a karate outfit for his birthday.  He opened it and put it to the side, as if to say he wasn't interested.  My mom pushed for him to try it on but he was in a defiant mood.  Since then the costume has hung in his closet, untouched.

Last week I was watching Colin at Hogwarts via the online camera.  I was trying to see if he was napping. He wasn't.  At first he was laying on his stomach with his head in his hands just looking around the room.  A few minutes later, he was standing up, on one leg, doing the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon move.  I laughed out loud at my desk.  Then I look over and there's another little girl doing the same move.  I can only assume this is the same little girl who has taught him numerous other "tricks" to do with his body.

That night when I asked him about it, he proudly showed me his moves again and then asked if he could go put his karate outfit on.  He forgets nothing!  

Allow me to entertain you.
Getting ready.
Full costume.
Karate chop!
Back kick.

And the piece de resistance, the inspiration move...

Now let's just hope he doesn't use Sawyer as his first chopping block!


  1. I think I need pictures of the sensei. Wes would probably look cute in a karate outfit.

  2. Aww he looks so cute! Haha, loving the photos!

  3. Um - TOO cute + just reading "Hogwarts" makes me giggle!

  4. I've had the tune "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting ... " in my head since glancing at this post yesterday. How do your kids keep getting cute by the day?