Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blind Date

I always wanted to go on a blind date.  I thought it would be so cool to go out with someone I'd never seen before and knew nothing about and end up falling deeply in love and having a fairytale romance.  Well that didn't happen.  I did get my happy ending but not quite like the Lifetime movie that played in my head.

I did get my chance at a blind date this weekend - just not in the traditional sense.  When I started my blog, I never dreamed I would actually meet a fellow blogger face to face.

I follow many blogs; some I rarely read (or even look at the pictures) and others that I comment on nearly every post.  Those are the ones I deem my "friends."  Wes laughs, I roll my eyes.  It's our thing.  Well this weekend I got the chance to meet one of these "friends" in person - as in she (and her kids) came to stay with me.  Maybe I'm just a trusting sole but I never gave it a second thought that I didn't know this girl from Adam and had never met her or even talked to her before.  Those are just minor details, right?

Well just as I suspected, she wasn't a mass murderer.  I still have all my digits and we're still friends.  My house is still standing and contains the same contents it did before (well minus a few annoying toys I was able to pawn off on her kids!).  And better still, I have a new real-life friend!

So thank you, Amanda, for coming to visit us.  We had a blast and you're welcome in our home any time!  To say Colin enjoyed your visit is the understatement of the century.  He got up at who knows what time just to make sure he didn't miss your departure.  Oh and I promise next time I'll check first before you pet a frisky horse.  Nothing like getting bit by a horse on your first trip to Kentucky!

Amanda is an amazing photographer and that's actually what drew me to her site for the first time.  I have taken copious notes from her but alas, she's still miles ahead of me.  She has taught me SO much though and I am forever indebted to her for that.  As a bonus, she brought her monster camera with her and she and I had a little photo session with the kids in the back yard.  I hesitate to even post any of my pictures next to a professional but in the end, we both captured memories - some just better than others!

Here are some pictures from our afternoon of fun.

Men at work

While the ladies lounge.

Yes, she is honestly just as adorable in person as she is in this picture.  I wanted to just eat her up!

Meanwhile, Sawyer found his own source of entertainment with the sprinkler.  Delicious.

Don't miss that party train
The funny thing about this picture is that Pierce, the one pushing the truck, was saying, "muscles, muscles, muscles" as he pushed.  When Colin said he was tired, Pierce said it was because he wasn't saying muscles.  Lauren decided she didn't have any interest in the pool and would rather be pulled like the pretty, pretty princess that she is.  

Side note:  Colin said Lauren looked pretty as a princess earlier that morning when he saw her in her dress.  I'm pretty sure there was a little crush forming.  As a matter of fact, he did ask her to get in his bed within the first hour of meeting her.  Daddy?  What have you been teaching your son?

Who could blame him though, with a tush like that?

The boys had so much fun playing together.  Colin hasn't stopped talking about Pierce yet!

Sawyer wanted to get in on the fun too and decided he no longer hated the swimming pool.  In he went, clothes and all.

Thanks, Amanda, Pierce, & Lauren, for coming to visit us.  We had so much fun and we hope you come back to visit soon!


  1. Cute! I had seen comments from ahh bear, and I just assumed you guys were sorority buddies or something. Yay for new friends! And I love, love, LOVE the butt picture. I literally laughed out loud at work and now my coworkers think I'm nuts. (Not that I would read blogs at work...)

  2. How fun! I was wondering where her blog had gone. I found the ahh bear blog through you and was sad when I saw the "extended vacation" post. I always love looking at her photos, they're so good. And the booty picture = fabulous!

  3. All of the kids look so cute in the pictures!

    So fun you got to meet another blogger. There are a bunch of us in Charleston, we need to plan a meet-up!

  4. We had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun! Thank you so much for having us and the pics are AWESOME! I need the booty shot!!! :)

  5. Aww sounds like the kiddos had such a fun time!

  6. Oh, what cuties!! Glad you all had fun. :)

  7. How cute and what fun it looks like you had!!