Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Colin the Explorer

One of the things all mothers (and fathers) look forward to is seeing their child in a school performance.  I fondly remember watching my nieces several years ago and getting a little teary-eyed at the thought of my own child up there someday. 

Well that someday was this weekend.  Colin's playschool class and all the other classes at his school put on a school play, for lack of better description.  I feared we would witness a repeat performance of his past efforts and get to see him standing alone, sucking his thumb.  I reiterated for weeks that I didn't want to see that, that I wanted to see him sing and dance. 

I guess all my nagging paid off because he did great!  He was the only one who held hands with the person in front of him as they entered.

He did all the moves.
And even struck a pose to signify it was over.

All of the kids came back out at the end to sing one final song together.  This was not his cup of tea.  I'm guessing there were too many kids up there and that made him nervous.  So he decided to pick his nose.  First with one finger and then with two.  Boy was I proud!
Luckily the little girl beside him stood in front of him most of the time and hopefully no one noticed.  

The best part was before the show ever started when he got to play with his crew.  These boys are thick and thieves.  No wonder he loves going to Little Elks.  Wes told me that "boys run in packs."  I guess I have a wolverine on my hands.
I think I could get used to this attire everyday.  Don't they look so adorable in their white button-ups and khaki shorts?

Disclaimer:  I apologize for some of the pictures being blurry.  I was wrestling with a cheetah in my lap the whole time - a cheetah who vomited half of his breakfast on my lap, a cheetah who refused to let anyone else but me hold him.  My arms were a tad shaky and there were several large heads in the way.  I got what I needed though.


  1. He looks so cute in that little outfit! Ahh, I love that he got caught picking his nose! So funny!

  2. These are the days to remember! I love preschool plays. LOVE THEM!!

    Catching up on your posts too. Thought I was already a follower and couldn't understand why I wasn't getting updated posts. All good now! Oh, and your beer bread grilled cheese - sounds like heaven!!

    As for working with Holly - she is amazing! She is super sweet, down to earth, gets my style to a T, and works within a reasonable budget. I worked with her on our dining room and right now I'm working with her on my bedroom. The kitchen plans are FAR AWAY at the moment, but chances are I'll work with her on that project too when the day comes!

    Hope you are doing well!! Your family Easter pic was darling! :)


  3. LOVE little boys in white shirts and khaki shorts!!! SOOOOO cute! Pierce asked who was in the last pic so I pointed out Colin and then told him the kid on the right of the pic was Bob. He said, "Bob? Oh!" LOL.

  4. I could seriously eat him up in that outfit! What a cutie-pie!

  5. If it makes you feel any better, in the picture where Colin is picking his nose, I think the little boy on his left might be scratching his crotch.

  6. Definitely love the cute outfit!