Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today's list is a bit longer as I'm incorporating "10 Things I Love" that Ashley was nice enough to tag me on.  I'm definitely thankful for the things that I love, so the timing on this was perfect.

In keeping with the rules, I'm supposed to state who tagged me - done - and then state 10 things I love.  Easy enough.  So thanks, Ashley, I love your floppy-haired little boy and reading your thoughts.   Warning:  This is going to be all over the place.

1.  Shopping trips with my mom.  This past weekend I took her to Cincinnati for a little outlet mall shopping.  We had a fabulous time together, ate a great breakfast, and spent way too much money.  Lucky for us, Sawyer was a trooper and did quite well - 2 naps, minimal crying, and no poopy diapers!

2.  Breakfast.  Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day - unless you count dessert as a meal, which I definitely do but most don't and they'd be wrong.  I love sweets for breakfast but I like to have a little something savory mixed in as well.  My perfect combo is a veggie omelet or scramble of any kind and a plate of flavored pancakes!  One of my favorite spots to get this is First Watch.  Wes and I keep saying that it would be a gold mine if someone would open one in Lexington but we can't find anyone to take the bite.
3.  Local Businesses.  As someone who would love to own and operate her own business one day, I have a special place in my heart for other entrepreneurs.  In this terrible economy it's hard enough to buy yourself a tank of gas, let alone splurge on something, so I can only imagine how hard it's been for these small businesses.  Here are a few of my favorites around Lexington - Lovely Little Parties, Baby Cakes Cupcakes, Denisha Sproul Photography, Melanie Mauer Photography, Good Foods Coop, and Morris Book Shop.   Go out and support your local businesses.  You're their lifeblood! 

4.  Project Life.  Thanks to a fellow blogger who wants to send me to the poor house, I'm about to be the proud owner of one of these kits.  I hadn't heard of this product until I read about it on Black Tag Diaries yesterday.  Although I have seen plenty "Project Life - 365" blog posts floating around, I didn't realize they were loosely based on this kit.  It's basically a low-key scrapbook that allows you to just slide pictures into sleeves, do a little journaling on preprinted, precut cards, and have a really cool looking scrapbook when you're finished.  As much as I love the creativity and "stuff" that goes with a fully handmade scrapbook, this is much more efficient and realistic for me right now with my limited time. 

5.  Toothy grins (even though this picture doesn't show teeth).  Nothing more needs to be said about this.

 6.  Wedding festivities.  I thought I had graduated from this phase of my life but alas, I'm in one more wedding this weekend.  I love the anticipation, the fancy clothes, the after party, and seeing the groom's face as the bride walks down the aisle.  One of my friends parents' have a tradition where they hold hands during the nuptials and sort of recite them to themselves at every wedding they attend.  It's their own little way of renewing their vows over and over again.  How sweet!  What's better than a day that's all about love?

7.  Charleston, S.C.  This is one of my most favorite cities ever.  Wes and I hope to retire there someday or perhaps own a vacation home - hey, a girl can dream.  We'll be heading there in a little over a month and I can hardly wait.  I love the food, the shopping, the beach - all of it!
8.  Unexpected television programming.  That really should read, "Unexpectedly liking television programming."  Tuesday night I flipped over to the Voice, totally expecting to laugh, roll my eyes and change the channel but I somehow got sucked in.  I'm a sucker for reality tv but I thought the commercials for this show looked lame-o.  At least for the first night, I was entertained and was totally engrossed.  Oh and Christina Aguilera is a train wreck and Cee Lo has dwarf-like arms.
9.  Blog friends.  I used to make fun of Wes for his so-called "friends" on his sports chat forum but now I see that it is possible to meet normal, non-murderish people on the internet.  Not everyone is a candidate for To Catch A Predator.  I've actually met some of my "friends" in person and they are super nice girls.  Others have become household names and while we've never met, I feel like we're the best of friends.  Thanks to all of you, you making blogging more fun!

10.  Comfy, crisp, and cool sheets.  There's really nothing like your own bed and nothing like a little reminder of that when you spend the night away from home.  There's just something about crawling into your own bed and pulling the covers up to your chin.  My head seemingly melts into my pillow and fall right to sleep.  And when you're sick, somehow your bed is all you long for.  I need a nap now after this list.

Longest list/post ever.  Join in the fun, I'd love to read your list as well!


  1. Love your list! :) And thanks so much for the recipe below, it was a hit!

  2. LOVE this list! 1) totally agree... can't beat a good day of outlet mall shopping. i need to check out the cincinnati outlets. 4) YAY! so glad you got this! hopefully we can figure this out together... hoping mine made the cut for my birthday:) 5) ADORABLE. period. 9) with you on this one. hope to meet some of my bloggy friends, wish you were going to be in town for the KY meet up... maybe we can change to the next weekend in june...

    okay... longest comment ever.

  3. Woo hoo! I'm glad Charleston made the list. :)

    Also, I really, really liked The Voice too! Was not expecting to, but I'm glad it mixed up the sing competitions a little.

  4. adorable pic! i heart Charleston, #9 and 10 has made my profile on blogger!!! :)

    and yes. CA IS a train wreck.

  5. #2 sounds like something I would write--love it! What a fun list!

  6. I loved The Voice. I thought it was going to be stupid, but I was so impressed.

  7. Love Charleston as well! Planning a move there in the next year, it's such a beautiful city.

  8. I'm in a wedding this weekend too! Have a great time.

    Adorable picture!

  9. I love weddings!! We went to one last weekend as a matter of fact. Oh, I am loving the voice.. team adam all the way!

  10. blushing that i was included in such a wonderful are so so sweet, danielle! warmly, -melanie-