Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week's list is going to be all over the place.  I guess our thanks don't have to be packaged all neat and tidy.  That's a good thing because there's not much neat and tidiness in my world these days!

1)  Preschool.  Aside from the obvious attributes of school, i.e. learning, playing, and social interactions, there's some things you learn in school that are beneficial on a deeper level.  That is if your mother is O.C.D and appreciates lessons on these:
I literally jumped up and down in excitement when I pulled this beauty out of Colin's bag.  They're teaching him about germs?  Hallelujah!  Now I'm not the only one doling out the incessant hand-washing requests.  Kids (and adults) have a tendency to adhere to things better if it's not coming out of their parents mouths.  

I'm not sure all germs are this cute but I'm sure they're this hairy.

2)  Growing boys.  Last week was Sawyer's 9-month checkup and while he had put on a pound or two and grown an inch, he had dropped on the percentile chart.  Let it be known I am not a fan of that chart.  All it does is foster competition at an early age.  It's our nature to want your child to be in the highest percentile but do you really want your child to weigh more than 99% of his/her peers?  Some of us don't have a choice when our child eats more than we do (see Exhibit A on the far left) but others like to take it slow and steady (see Exhibit B on the far right).  
Yes, Sawyer was labeled as "Failure to Thrive" because of the aforementioned drop on the percentile chart.  After a round of blood work (poor little guy), he was given the all clear to eat until his little heart was content.  I'm sure the drop has nothing to do with the fact he's been sick 3 times this winter with croup-ish symptoms from his in-your-face older brother. 
3)  Teething biscuits.  To say Sawyer enjoys these would be the understatement of the century.  He devours them like a dog devours a pig's ear.  Wes said he gnaws on one end and just when he gets it good and saturated, he flips it around and starts gnawing on the other end.  I guess that's his way of keeping lurkers at bay.  He got a little choked on a piece and after he spit it out, he picked it right back up and ate it again.  Maybe he's part cow.  Or maybe he's just fascinated with something other than milk.  Whatever the case, look out mean old Mr. Percentile Chart, Sawyer is on the move!

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  1. Cute picture of your boys! Ella always loved those biscuits too.

  2. I banned the teething biscuits because they are so messy! And because every single time I took it away from Sam when it got too small he would throw a King-sized fit. Temper? Um...yes. But he did love them.

  3. Love the pic!! OMG. I want Pierce to go to Colin's preschool to learn about germs! He has somehow picked up the habit of putting his fingers in his mouth (again) and it drives me nuts. Yesterday he told me, "They're not germy Mommy. They're not!"

  4. That's such a cute picture!

    Awesome that they're teaching kids about germs at an early age too!

  5. There's just something about kids artwork.. very creative. Thanks for linking up with us this week and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. i personally think that is exactly what germs look like... no doubt. love that!

  7. Oh that chart... They can't really expect them to keep up at the same growth rate the whole time! Jude has dropped in his percentiles as well (we went in on Tues), but thankfully the doc wasn't concerned. Sawyer looks wonderful and healthy and happy!

    Thanks for your comment re: the bathroom! Funny thing was that the comment got published on some random post from 2009!