Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Recap 2011

This Easter marked Sawyer's first overnight stay away from home.  Visions of being awake for 24+ hours, crying unconsolably, and waking up Wes' grandmother danced in my head for weeks.  Somehow with all those thoughts racing through my head, there was a little voice, a calming voice telling me everything would be ok.  I need to learn to listen to that voice more.  It was right, the night was peaceful and Sawyer slept really well in his pack'n'play.  Here's hoping the trend continues when we go on vacation later this summer!

Colin had a great time playing with Wes' youngest sister, Anna.  He also warmed up quickly to his multitude of cousins - 5 and 3 more on the way.  He played so hard he passed up food for a short period.  I'm pretty sure that was a first.  He loved hiding and finding the eggs 452 times.
Colin and Wes' brother's son, Keaton.  Colin showing his natural smile.  Charming, isn't it?!

Sawyer has let his preference of women be known at a very early age.  His type is officially blonds and if you don't meet his standards, he lets you know with a big earful of crying.  Wes' sister, Shaina, has long blond hair like me and she was clearly Sawyer's pick.

 The boys and the parents were worn out after just this 24-hour trip.  Hopefully the beach will somehow recharge us or that could prove to be a very long week!

My handsome boys:

I wish there was a mirror on the front of cameras so you could see yourself as the picture was taken.  Someone needed to tell me the wind had just blown my hair all crazy. Oh well, here we are in all our glory.

Wes' immediate family (extended)

Colin and his Easter basket.  I had put a small squishy Elmo book on the top of his basket that was for Sawyer.  It was the only thing in there that wasn't his.  It was the only thing poor little Sawyer got.  And yet it was the only thing Colin wanted.  He still talks about that silly book.  We read it tonight and I'm hoping after he saw it only had 4 pages that he lost interest.  

For the record, yes that is a Rubbermaid bucket.  I'm too cheap to buy an overpriced Easter basket that is so cheap it'll fall apart in a week.  I decided to personalize the $3.50 option and have a sturdy bucket that will last a while.  


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great Easter! The kids are definitely cute as can be - and I definitely love the Rubbermaid basket, the personalization is genius!

  2. Such cute pictures! Looks like you guys had a fabulous Easter weekend. I am shooting with a Canon 50D at the moment and love it. I tend to shoot photos just a tad bit over exposed rather than under. It just works best for me. I also edit most of the ones I publish on my blog.. mainly just the exposure and clarity. I'll do a bit more editing at times for some really cool effects, but it can be time consuming so I don't get around to that often. Hope this helps.

  3. what a fun easter weekend!

    LOVE that you just bought a project life kit!! now maybe we can hold eachother accountable and see how our progress is coming! i'm way, way excited to try it out... looks much more managable than 12x12 scrapbooking layouts, which i NEVER get around to doing. and if you did buy the last one... i'm driving to lexington so you can share with me! :)

  4. Where to start? First, I'm glad you posted a pic of you - doesn't it seem like we're usually absent from our own blogs??!! I think your hair didn't look all that crazy (that may tell you what mine looks like though).

    Second - your Easter bucket CRACKS me up. I think it's really cute! I bought really big home baskets for the kids and sometimes I actually use them in the home. Lauren's is better for that than Pierce's (it'll be in the Easter post whenever I get there).

    Third - so cute that your boys adore girls at such a young age!

  5. Aren't trips away from home so exhausting? I love that Sam sleeps so well in his crib, but he almost refuses to sleep anywhere else. The last time we visited Shawn's mom, we finally waved the white flag at 2-ish (am) and Shawn went to the couch while I put Sam in bed with me. I know we need to get home more often, but it's just so tempting to stay tucked away in our house.

    Also, love the bucket idea. I bought a basket for Sam, but I justified it by using a gift card that I had had forever and was probably never going to use otherwise.

    Finally, your hair looks great! Mine has recently decided to be curly. (I know, weird, right? Motherhood can really rock your world.) So now every morning I try to decide if I should blow-dry it straight and take precious time that I don't have or just let it be crazy and curly 80's hair. Lately I've just been rocking the 80's. Next step, tight-rolling my jeans!

  6. I'm so glad you finally jumped in a picture! I think it's a great photo of you and your family! And Colin's Easter basket is too cute.

  7. ADORABLE!!!! Love all these pictures. Glad you had a great Easter!

    Tagged you in a post...

  8. Your family is picture perfect. I love your Easter outfit.....waaay cute! You're such a skinny Minnie. It's not fair.

  9. Your little fam looks adorable!!! So glad you had a great Easter :)