Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Cause I'm the winner, no I'm not the loser...

Just a little Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock to start your morning.  Seriously, I'm not sure what's in the air but my lucky streak is running rampant lately.  I'm generally not a lucky person, so this new trend is very unfamiliar to me.  It started with a 'Big Brother' tee I won for Colin but I never received it.  Oh well.

Then, you know all those CSN giveaways everyone has been having with varying values?  Well I've entered more than I care to count.  I was beginning to think they were a hoax, until I won one!  And not one of the measly $25 ones either; I won $80!  Hot diggity.  I had always commented that I'd use the money for a Le Creuset pot but after I had the money in hand (er, email) and I saw how much those pots were, I second guessed my decision.  I saw that some of the pots offered a free baking dish with purchase and that seemed to sweeten the deal.  Well wouldn't you know it, they were out of stock of the freebies.  So I had signed up for them to email me when they became available.  I got an email saying they weren't going to become available and here's a 10% off consolation prize.  I went back to the site and now they had another freebie.  A better one.  I decided to bite the bullet and bought this beauty.

What's better?  I got 2 for the price of one.  Okay, okay, the second isn't exactly the same quality but it's still a FREE Le Creuset stock pot!

Next up, and keeping with the food trend (you'll see a pattern when we're all finished), I won a cupcake giveaway.  Unfortunately the company went out of business and now the cupcake in a jar is being replaced by cake balls.  Um, no complaints here.  Bring on the sugar!  I don't discriminate.

Finally, my most recent winnings, a family cookbook.  I think she must have hand selected me because I couldn't think of a better fit than my family!  It's called the Whole Family Cookbook and I'm giddy in anticipation of getting my hot little hands on it.  My plan is to let Colin pick something that he wants to make.  That should be interesting.  I'm guessing it will involve veggies since his big question lately is, "Is this healthy?"  If not, he opts for the veggies on his plate first.  One of my coworkers joked that I've brainwashed my child.  I don't think that's the case but it were, I can think of far worse things to brainwash about!

Notice the pattern?  With the exception of the t-shirt I never received, all of my loot involves food or cooking.  Not surprising I guess since that's mainly the kind of giveaways I enter.

The moral of the story is to not give up, these contests really do result in real life winners.  My streak is probably over for now but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop entering!  There's still cameras and iPads to be won from Pioneer Woman.  Now those giveaways, those might be a hoax (:


  1. love that song! and so glad you won! congrats!

  2. Mike's Mom got me a Le Creuset dutch oven for Christmas the year before last and I am a lot bit in love with it! Did you know there is a Le Creuset outlet in Cincy? The new Monroe Outlets (exit 29 off 75, just 10 miles north of Ikea) have a store and it's like a ray of light whenever I head up there : )

  3. I love Le Creuset...and Pioneer Woman!

  4. I love Le Crueset - I'm in the same boat as you, I haven't been able to justify the cost. I need to win a giveaway! ;)

  5. Maybe it is time for you to head to Keeneland???

  6. So envious of all your winnings...especially Le Creuset!! Congrats!

  7. There is something in winning that makes you feel accomplished. :)
    Congrats on all your winnings...especially the cookbook. Can't wait to see which recipe Colin picks.

  8. Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket :) Gorgeous pots, definitely the perfect choice!