Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Have I had a post everyday this week?  Why, I think I have!  Will wonders ever cease?

Without further ado, here's my Thankful Thursday list of 3.

1)  The innocence of kids.  Colin amazes me with the amount of knowledge he has already absorbed into that tiny (enormous) brain.  Some things are more textbook related, others are just sweet and tender.  I marvel at both but the sweet comments melt my heart.  Just last week I told him he'd always be my baby boy and he said, "But I have to grow up."

I told him I didn't want him to grow up and wanted him to stay my baby forever.

He said, "I have to."  Just matter of fact, that's the way it is.

I asked him if he thought he'd ever get married?

He squished up his nose and said, "No."

Are you going to live with Mommy forever?


And daddy?


Well at least I have that to look forward to!

2)  Wes.  Plain and simple this guy is amazing.  He is the best father I could have ever asked for for my children and he is a wonderful husband too.  Sometimes I catch a sweet, tender moment between him and the boys that melts my heart - are you seeing a pattern here?  I must be in a sappy mood.

Colin looks up to his daddy so much and things everything he does is great and he's so funny.  He is a funny guy.  We're lucky to have him.

Here's a picture I snapped last week.  I just love the simplicity of togetherness.
3)  This little guy.  He makes my heart smile every time I hear his voice.  He's really trying to crawl right now, so we always find him in the strangest locations.  His favorite spot is under something, whether it be a table, the bed, or a chair.  Here he is under the dining room table, chewing on a yummy table leg.  I do feed him.  Swear.

What are you thankful for?  If you'd like to share, link up to Black Tag Diaries.


  1. I, too, am thankful for my husband. I see kindness and patience in him every day that makes me so glad our child(ren) will have such a wonderful father!

  2. What sweet boys! My little one is 4 weeks old and is starting to stick out his tongue if we do it first. And he's starting to make new noises when we talk to him. It's like our first conversations and I'm so grateful for the little miracle he is :-)

  3. that father/son photo is TOO SWEET!! great list this week!

  4. Such a sweet post! I'm also thankful for my boys. I can't imagine life without my hubs and the dude!

  5. ♥Intresting post like all your blog♥

  6. Adorable pictures and I love the story! It put a smile on my face!

  7. Hi dear friend! I bet you were beginning to wonder if I had fallen off the side of the Earth. :) Of course, you know how it goes with the adjustment to two little ones - life has been crazy, to say the least. I feel terrible - I realized that I have not responded to your email about your trip to Louisville. Do you still want some input on shops, or have you all already been here? So sorry!

    And of course, it goes without saying that I think your little (and big) guys are just the cutest. I cannot get over Sawyer's white blonde hair!

  8. I can't believe he's CRAWLING already!! It feels like you JUST had him (well, I'm sure I can say that huh!). Seriously though. What a cutie pie!!! :)

  9. I just love that photo of your husband and son! It is darling. I also love how you can tell that you are peeking, to barely see! :) So cute!

    Cori @