Wednesday, March 30, 2011


When Colin isn't pulling Sawyer's hair or "accidentally" kicking him while he playing on the floor, he's a very loving brother.  If Sawyer is crying, Colin will try to console him by rubbing his back or telling him, "It's okay Sawyer."

He has never shown blatant jealousy but there are some actions that I'm pretty sure are rooted in jealousy.  He'll occasionally want to be held (all 35 pounds of him!) but it's usually at an off time when Sawyer may not even be present.  He definitely loves his one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy though, as any child would.

For the most part though, he just wants to be near his baby brother.  I think some of his outbursts are simply because he doesn't know what to do and how to express all the love that he has inside.  He's bursting at the seams with love and affection and sometimes just wants to squeeze poor Sawyer to death to show him how much he loves him.

Several weeks ago he wanted to get in Sawyer's bed with him.  I've learned to pick my battles and I didn't see any harm in the idea.  If nothing else, they were both contained and short of throwing Sawyer out of the crib, I didn't think either of them was in much danger.  Thankfully, I was correct.

Although Colin is a bit camera shy these days and I had to fight for these shots, here are a few.


  1. They are so sweet! It's adorable seeing their unique hair colors side by side :) Logan LOVES getting into the crib with Jude. So much so that we've had to start putting Jude to bed in our room again. Logan will climb into Jude's crib within literally two minutes of us putting Logan to bed, which of course wakes Jude up! Ah, brothers...

  2. So sweet! Be sure and pull these pictures out in a few years when they're rolling in the floor beating each others' brains out.

  3. TOO cute. Did you ever read my blog post where I climbed into Pierce's crib with him? LOL. He didn't seem to mind.

    What is that magnificent green creature Sawyer's playing with???