Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Valentine's Day

I love this man!  And he's going to hate me for digging out this picture!

Yesterday marked Wes and I's 14-year dating anniversary.  Wow!  We're getting old!  I reminded him that 14 years ago we were heading to a hockey game (of a now defunct team), after having eaten a restaurant that we haven't eaten at since.  He brought me a single red rose in what we aptly called a "disco box" and we were both so nervous we hardly spoke.  He dropped me off (we were on a double date) and nothing was said about the future.  Thanks to a much more aggressive, pushy friend, she called the boys back and told them we had a good time and were sad they just dropped us off.  Several months later, we were officially an item and the rest is history. 

Fast forward many years and my has Valentine's Day changed.  What used to be the holiday that got my heart all a flutter and caused my stomach to fill with butterflies is now a day where we reflect on the past, thank each other for the present, and look forward to the future.  Any day geared towards celebrating love is a good day but the fanfare and expectations greatly diminish the longer you're married.  A fellow blogger had a cute post today about Valentine's Day for married people.  As I told her, the fact that your significant other remembers the holiday is all you need (or at least personally speaking).

I'm not one to demand special attention on this day.  I prefer surprises.  Surprises on the 3rd Wednesday of the 2nd week in some random month.  Totally unplanned.  Totally unexpected.  Wes knows he's not to buy me flowers on Valentine's Day even though he says that goes against the man handbook of what to do.  Now, because I'm becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day, I've told him he doesn't even have to get me a card.  Since I didn't get him one this year, he said that was his go-ahead to cease his obligation as well.  I've rubbed off on him because even he said it was a scam.

So what did we do?  I got him a subscription to The Bourbon Review (suggested by a fellow KY blogger).  Kids make you drink.  The end.

He made me...a mix tape (er, cd).  You must understand the lengths at which he went to make said cd.  He got the idea after we enjoyed some nice 90's r&b at a local restaurant on Saturday night.  I'm not one to pay attention to background noise, especially music, but this mix was rockin'!  It was totally up my alley and I was literally singing along to every song.  He commented that this was my kind of music and I agreed.  Little did I know those wheels were turning.

So he comes home early from work to make me his own rendition of a 90's mix tape.  Seriously girls (because I don't think there are any men who would have read this far), that's thoughtful.  That's what being together for 14 years is all about.  Taking the time to think outside the Hallmark box and give a gift that not only keeps on giving but actually means something and took some thought.  I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Did I mention I have always wanted a boy to make me a mix tape?  Back when that was cool, I used to fantasize about which songs I would want and who I'd want to give it to me.  Somehow Wes managed to put at least 2 of my all-time favorites on there (Boyz II Mean, I love you!).

In case you're inspired to make your own mix tape, in the new millennium we refer to it as a play list,  there's actually a website dedicated to just that - MixTape.    

By the way, did you know Tony Roma's is the most romantic restaurant in Lexington?  Apparently it is.  We attempted to go there this weekend, forgetting it was Valentine's weekend, and at 5:30, there was an hour wait!  I thought we were the only ones who ate that early?  We quickly realized we had forgotten the holiday, as all the couples were staring us toting 2 kids.  Nothing says I love you like a big plate of ribs!


  1. this is adorable! 14 years wow what a long time!! congratulations :)


  2. Happy Valentine's and Anniversary! :)

  3. How cute! Nothing is better than a good mix tape!!

    Apparently PF Changs in West Chester is what Tony Roma's is in Lexington. We were adding items to our registry on Sunday and stopped by there to use a gift card at 6pm on Sunday (the day BEFORE the holiday) and there was a 1.5 hour wait! Are you kidding me? The chain italian place across the way was just as jam-packed, crazy! Luckily we'd planned to cook at home yesterday and found a rockin' pizza place that could seat us right away that evening.

  4. This is toooo sweet! He definitely DID think outside the box and was something personal with meaning. Cracked up at the - kids make you drink. SURELY NOT those 2 cuttttest baby boys haha I am not buying it. Do you know I have nevver eaten at Tony Romas? At least I don't think so!?

  5. happy anniversary! I think a mixed tape is a fantastic present. Everytime I go on a road trip I always make a mix for the ride. I am making one for a bachlorette bash this weekend and I believe Boyz II Men will be making an appearence!

  6. I am completely with you on this one! We stopped doing real gifts a long time ago. This year Nick picked me up some Lindt truffles because I had been talking about them the other night...what can I say, Peyton REALLY likes chocolate! I picked him up a copy of Food Network magazine to see if it was something we might want to subscribe to, it's something he's mentioned a time or two now. It's the little things.

    And I LOVE the line about kids making you drink!!

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. I loved this post and your gifts to each other! I think you should post the playlist :)

    Sam does what I tell him to do which included a card, grocery store flowers and some take out sushi for the day.

    But I could totally relate to how it differs so much when you've been married so long (8.5 years for us) - it's like - cool. It's Valentine's Day.

  8. Happy 14 years! I agree, you should post the play list. Too funny about Tony Romas. We stopped by Panera and that was empty, so you picked the wrong spot. We didn't do cards either--valentine's day is too forced!

  9. My freshman year at UK I make Shawn a mix tape. If memory serves, it had a little Bluegrass, some hair metal and some Boyz II Men thrown in for good measure. We ate Shells and Cheese in my dorm room and split a piece of cheesecake that I had picked up from a restaurant, the name of which I can no longer remember. Romantic AND healthy. :)

  10. What a sweet post! Hope you had a lovely Valentines day! =)