Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday Sawyer!

Where did the last 6 months go?  It seems like just yesterday I was gingerly getting myself in my mom's SUV for her to take me to the doctor and subsequently, the hospital.  My precious little Sawyer has been on this earth a full 6 months now.  He has brought so much joy to all of our lives! 

We go for our check-up tomorrow, so I'll be able to post his stats after that (for all you would be suitors out there).  It seems like he's longer and leaner than Colin but we shall see.  I'll also attempt to take a picture of the little guy so he doesn't suffer from the second child syndrome!  I didn't even have a recent one to post today.  Sad.

Happy 1/2 Sawyer!  We'll be celebrating with some delicious homemade applesauce tonight.  Oh yeah, I'm making his food this time around.  You know me, I love to spend time in the kitchen!


  1. Wow I can't believe he's already 6 months!

  2. It just goes by so fast!

    So excited to hear that you're making his food, Nick and I are planning on doing that this time too. I'm actually really excited about it. Any tips/tricks you learn along the way, please share!

  3. Yay Sawyer!!

    #1 - I'm big on the 1/2 bdays so we're very excited for Sawyer!

    #2 - Go you and your homemade baby food! I promise you it's ridiculously easy and so fun ... you can make so many more things than you can buy!

  4. 6 months already?! Wow, where has time went? =) Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

  5. Yay six months!!! It seems to go so fast the second time around...!

  6. I'm sure your applesauce was yummy! I made eggplant this weekend for Sam, and let's just say he was not a fan. We have finally discovered something our son won't eat.

  7. Wow! 6 months already?! Happy 1/2 Birthday Sawyer (Pete)!

    I bet you guys are ready for it ever going to stop snowing there. LOL! Our snow just started! Ugh!

  8. Thanks I am hoping I don't get much bigger. Right now thou I look like I did at
    Happy 1/2 birthday for Sawyer!