Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet Baby Jesus

My mom has a nativity scene under her Christmas tree this year.  When Colin saw it, he thought we needed one too.  So my mom bought us one.  After all, every house needs a nativity.

Much to Colin's dismay, our nativity doesn't have any movable parts.  That is except for baby Jesus.

Well baby Jesus went missing this weekend.  We searched everywhere we could think of, but he was no where to be found.  Wes told Colin it was "time to find the Lord."

Colin still had no idea where he was but suddenly disappeared into the basement.  Let me let the pictures do the talking now.

Who is that, you ask that has arrived on the scene?  Let's take a closer look who's about to dive right on in.

None other than Wolverine!  Baby Jesus, Wolverine, both super hero's, right?  Perhaps next year we'll better understand the nativity a bit more.

**Update:  We have found Jesus!  He was in the dryer of all places.  Colin has an affinity with pockets and apparently thought Jesus was better served in his pocket than the manger.  At this rate, he needs to keep the Lord close by before his mother looses it on with him.  Poor Jesus suffered greatly with 2 severed limbs.  He's now armless but back in the manger. 


  1. Love it! I've got a picture I'm waiting to put up of one of our nativity that had a few extra guests as well! : )

  2. Love that he used Wolverine to replace baby Jesus!

  3. I love this story almost as much as him wearing his hoddie up while indoors ... too cute!

  4. That is so cute!! "Christmas: The X-Men Edition" :)

    Hope that you and all your boys have a merry Christmas Danielle!

  5. You posts always have me cracking up! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Hahahaha!! Oh my...THAT is funny stuff. Hope y'alls Christmas was fantastic!!! :)