Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Budding Photographer

I'm trying to teach Wes to use my SLR so that I can occasionally be in pictures and not just taking them.  We had a rare occasion this weekend when both boys were being fairly agreeable, awake, and presentable (at least somewhat).  I seized the opportunity for some practice.  After discovering his shaky hands, he learned to prop his elbows on his knees and then he got a fairly decent shot.  Now if I can just figure out how to get both subjects looking at the same time!

Blurry but we were actually all looking, serious or otherwise.

Not blurry but Sawyer was losing interest.

To prove he was there, here's Wes with his little precious.  For the record, Sawyer is totally a daddy's boy right now.

Again blurry, but I have very few pictures of just me and Sawyer.  At least we were both looking.  2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Good job, Wes!  Your first lesson was a success. 


  1. I think the pictures are great!

  2. Good to have pictures that actually have mommy in them!!

  3. haha these are adorable! this sounds like my poor mom..always took pics of me, my sister, and my'd never know she was on any vacation with us!

    xoxo your kids are adorable<3

  4. I know! I'm never in any of our pictures. Not that it matters so much to me, but after looking for pictures of my mom, I know Sam will want at least a couple some day. I was so proud of Shawn...he took pictures of me helping Sam open his Christmas presents this weekend without even being asked. There's hope for him yet. :)

    My confirmation word is spoturin. Yuck.

  5. Precious baby boys!! I cannot get over how BIG Sawyer has gotten!! Thank you for the Birthday wishes!!!
    I hope you all have a verrry MERRRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  6. Some people are really good about getting someone to take their picture but in our house (as you've noticed), the camera rarely comes out after the time Sam gets home! It feels like chaos - dinner, playing, bedtime. I didn't do a very good job (yet) of getting me & Sam in the pics with the kids - although we know there are more than enough of the kids by themselves! New Years Resolution??

    Good work on training Wes!!! :)

  7. Oh my! Danielle! Sawyer is so grown up! I clicked on over here after seeing your comment on my blog and your family is looking incredibly adorable :) Hope your having a lovely holiday season.

  8. mery, merry christmas to you and your sweet family! good job on the pics, wes!