Monday, August 30, 2010

Progress Report

As promised, I'm back to give you a progress report on all things Sawyer - and even a few other things because even though he's attached to me in some fashion 90% of the day, there are a few other goings on around our abode.  I've gotten quite good at one-handed typing, by the way.  I also am mastering the art of multi-tasking.  I thought I was pretty good at it before but that was nothing!

Thanks to all of you who answered my census poll.  I won't be writing a book and making millions but I did lean that I'm not alone.  Here's what we've tried - mylicon drops, gripe water, probiotics, diet modifications for me, pumping legs, and burping more frequently.  Eliminating dairy from my diet was torture but I adjusted fairly quickly.  Thankfully there are lots of fake products out there thanks to almond and rice milk!  I actually already used almond milk prior to, it was the cheese that was the biggest adjustment.  I say was because while it seemed to help a little for a while, that was short-lived and didn't solve the issues.  I'm sad to say none of the other things proved to be solutions either.  The pumping of the legs does usually provide relief but we're aiming for eliminating it altogether.  Either we're just getting used to it, or it's easing up a little on its own because it seems to be getting a little better with each passing gas day.

Another possible contributing factor is the development of his herniated belly-button.  It sounds more painful than the doctor says (but how would he know) but it looks gross.  It's called an umbilical hernia and is apparently most prominent in infants of African decent.  Um honey...  Kidding.  There's nothing that we can do about it right now, as it is supposed to close on its own within 3 years.  I have no idea if this is causing him any discomfort but it certainly looks like it would.

Other than his frequent belly disruptions, Sawyer is a pretty laid back baby.  When he's not in pain, he's just content to sit in his bouncy seat and look around.  Granted those moments are few and far between but it makes us appreciate them that much more when we get them. And much to our chagrin, he has found his thumb.  Wes, nor I, wanted to encourage this, since I've tried everything to get Colin to quit, but if it makes him quit crying for a minute, I'll make the sacrifice.

Colin's defiance has eased up some as well, making life much more pleasant for all of us!  He continues to be a great helper with his little brother and has only said he didn't want him anymore one time.  I consider that a success coming from a 3-year old who has never had to share the attention from anyone.  He's just a sweet child and I'm thankful that side is showing once again.  We've missed it!  Just the other day he told me I was a great feeder!  He was referring to Sawyer but later told me I was a good cook too.  He went on to ask if he could cook for Mommy and Daddy when he got older.  Absolutely!

He started one of his new schools a couple of weeks ago and he loves it.  I love it too but I'm not loving that he has yet to take a much needed nap at school.  It does make for an early bedtime but it also equals more mischief from a tired little boy.  His teacher has told me twice how smart he is and while I don't like to brag, it's comforting to hear we might be doing something right.  I attribute it to all the reading we do but who knows.

Sawyer goes for his 2-month check up next week and I'll be able to post size updates then.  I will also be returning to work later next week.  I have mixed feelings on that.  I look forward to the routine but I know I'm going to miss my boys and getting to laze around a bit!  I'll just learn to live for the weekends again.


  1. Two months already!? Wow - time sure does fly. I loved reading the update and seeing the adorable picture.

  2. Poor Sawyer! My dad had an umbilical hernia corrected as a child and now has no belly button. I tell you this not to scare you about Sawyer's future appearance (because I'm sure their correction techniques have improved vastly in the last 60 years or so), but because Shawn is amazed by it. I hope his heals up quickly and without medical intervention. Good luck at work next week. :(

  3. So sweet! I LOVE the update!! I can't wait to hear how big Sawyer is and my goodness - the boy still has so much hair!! SO cute!!

  4. i hope the tummy issues continue to get better. i can't believe he is almost 2 months old. he has a ton of hair!!! i love it :) loved having a sawyer update!

  5. I can't believe how big he is but he's a handsome little baby! I hope he feels better soon...because I know then you'll feel some better too!

  6. I can't believe its been two months! time flies. hope his tummy keeps improving.

  7. wow he is getting so big (and handsome)! I hope his stomach issue resolve itself quickly. I bet that is so cute to have Colin be a little helper and enjoying his school.