Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fan Day

Allow me to introduce UK's newest fan!

Last weekend was the University of Kentucky's Fan Day and let's just say Wes was a little more than excited.  He's gone sans kids for the last couple of years but has always looked forward to the day when he would get to take his own children.  Last year the festivities were a bit too late for Colin's early bedtime.  This year was really later too but we (Wes) decided one night wouldn't kill him.

I'm not sure who had more fun!  We went to breakfast that next morning with my mom and she was just laughing to herself at how excited Wes was to recount EVERY detail of the evening.  He really was like a kid in a candy store, eyes sparkling, excitement in his voice, repeating things over and over again.  It was really sweet.  He even took the initiative and took the camera without my suggestion and on top of that, even asked a stranger to take their picture!  Will wonders ever cease?  Now if I could just relate everything in our day-to-day life to KY sports, we'd be in business!

Colin's favorite parts were the giant blow-up helmet that the boys ran through and clapping for each player as their names were announced.  It's the little things, ya know?  They stayed for a bit of the fireworks and surprisingly Colin did well with the noise.  He had watched them from our window on the 4th, so maybe that got him ready.  He came home with a signed football and a poster for his room.  He has since shown the football to everyone who enters our home and "decorated" the poster with tons of stickers.  Wes was a little heartbroken Colin had ruined his poster but he is just 3 after all.
Closed eyes or not, I just had to post this one for his cheesy smile and him showing off his football.

They both are anxious for next year's fan day but not nearly as excited as Wes is for football season to begin!  Go Cats!!


  1. Aww that is so sweet and the stickers on the poster is hilarious! Next year daddy should get a poster too!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! I'm back & caught up ... poor Sawyer and his tummy - I wish I could answer your census but my kids didn't have tummy issues. I hope he feels better soon!

  3. Cute! When I saw the pictures, I wondered how you had to, sweet talk Wes into taking the camera. Bravo to him for taking the initiative!!! I'm sure we'll all 3 be there with bells on next year.

  4. Awww -he looks really proud of his football (closed eyes and all)!

  5. I have somehow been missing your posts FOREVER!? Anyhoo I LOVE this post haha.....MEN/Dadddies and their sons....I like the part where Colin decorated daddy's poster with stickers haha NICE!

    Looks like they both had a great time!

    GO CATS!!