Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monkeying around

Ah what a wonderful start to a lazy Sunday - 8:45 wake time!  I'm honestly not sure this kid has ever slept in that late, nor did I even know it was possible (for him or me).  But I guess after a tiring day at the Aquarium, a short nap, and general over-exhaustion, his little body just finally gave up.

Although Wes and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to sleep in, we both knew nap time today would be questionable at best.  I immediately started thinking of ways to wear him out and use up some of the energy that comes from 13 hours of sleep.  The sun!  I knew that heat was the ticket.  But how could I let him exert energy while I did nothing?  The kiddie pool!  Today was the perfect day to dig out that inflatable pool that we used maybe 3 times last summer and let him run wild.

Waiting patiently for the pool to fill up with water...

Trying to remember how the banana slide works.

Um, well, not exactly right.

Or is this it?


There was a lot more of this that I wished for but EVERYTHING must go in this child's mouth apparently!

Nothing like some tasty water from the garden hose.

Turns out I was right, running + swimming + heat = one tired little boy.


  1. You are becoming a pro with that camera! Such adorable pictures, looks like a fun day.

  2. cute pictures! love the new layout!

  3. Great pictures! Glad the pool was the answer to a tired little one! I'm sure naps are a lifesaver.