Sunday, June 6, 2010

Growing up too fast!

Yes, I'm referring to my little Colin in that title.  I've never appreciated the old adage "time flies when you're having fun" as much as I have since I've had a child.  It's like someone pushed the fast forward button and you have no way to press stop.  As much as I try to enjoy every moment of every day, it's just not possible to do that all the time.  I am, however, trying to soak up these last few weeks of my solo time with Colin (Yeah, I say that to myself now when he's napping, not when he's running around, getting into mischief, and jabber-jawing about who knows what!).

Just look at my baby.  He looks like a little man!  He was so proud to wear his new hat today.

The main reason for my post wasn't to brag about how devilishly handsome my child is, although he totally is, it was to brag about his accomplishments with the potty!  We started the procedure last Saturday and I'm proud to say (knock on wood) that we haven't had any accidents in 4 days!  He's even done #2 several times and that hasn't seemed to phase him in the least.  The reward of stickers (stick'as as he fondly refers to them) has done the trick.  I guess our failed attempt several months ago was just a trial run and just the motivation he needed to get him in gear this time.  My mom said that there's no telling how long he's known how to do it and just hasn't offered.  Little stinker, I'm sure there is quite a bit of truth to that.  I'm hoping and praying we don't have any signs of regression after the baby comes but if we do, we'll just deal.  But for now, we just continue to praise his accomplishments!


  1. awesome on the potty training! we did potty training bootcamp this week. ella does great with the peeing, but pooping terrifies her. she gets anxious and cries. i'm hoping this phase will pass as i've read that it is pretty normal. how does colin do in public places? will he go? ella will only do it in her potty and i'm not about to carry that thing around everywhere we go nor am i going to stay at home all the time.

  2. Yeah, Colin! Glad to hear everything is going so well on the potty-training front - and you're right, he does look so much older with that hat on!

  3. I apologize as this is going to get wordy!

    #1 - LOVE the hat - LOVE when Pierce wears his!

    #2 - I notice that Pierce has grown every time I look at a pic from 3 months prior ... only 3 months and he's already so much bigger & more mature!

    #3 - Yay on the potty training! I feel like you can teach teach teach but children just learn when the time is right for them - something has to click - and when it does it's SO easy. If you teach before then, it's rough. Colin was definitely ready!!!

    #4 - Pierce could walk for awhile before he chose to - I had to trick him into walking!!! (Reminded me of Colin prob knowing how to pee in the potty for awhile.)

    #5 - Not to scare you but one of our neighbor's daughter has been potty trained for a year & they started getting out stuff for their new baby & she regressed. Hopefully this doesn't happen with Colin or if it does, it's a fleeting moment.

    End scene.

  4. Yay for potty training success!!

  5. Aww!!! What a cutie pie!!! Congrats on the potty training!!! Hope he keeps it up! :)

  6. Yay for Colin!! And for the parents! : )

    On a side note, I am sure that Colin will love the potty picture later in life ... I can only imagine it will be right up there with the naked bathtub shots every Mom takes : )

  7. He is SO cute! He looks like a pro haha

  8. yay for potty training!! :) when they are ready it seems like they just go for it and don't require too much work. perfect timing before the new baby!