Monday, June 7, 2010

40 big!

Kids say the darnedest things, don't they?  Colin continues to crack us up without even trying.  He definitely eats up the extra attention and proceeds to repeat whatever he's just said approximately 100 times.  Some get old quick but this next one still makes us laugh.

Colin developed an affinity for tape measures when our handyman allowed him to play with his industrial one when Colin was about 18 months old.  He proceeded to put it in his mouth, douse it in slobber, and then kindly returned it to him.  So imagine his delight when he found out we also had one of these magical toys at our house.  His love is still present today but he's advanced a bit from the slobbering days and actually understands that it is used to measure things.

Last weekend he took it outside and proceeded to measure everything in sight.  How big were the objects you ask?  40 big!  And he says it with such authority and precision.  I was laughing to myself as he continued measuring, declaring everything was 40 big or 40 long!  He was totally talking to himself and had no idea I was enjoying every minute of his humor.

Now he knows how funny Wes and I think "40 big" is and so there is no "40 long" anymore, just "40 big".  Seriously, it never gets old!
I apologize for the blurred image but I just had to show him in action.
Another action shot not in focus but you get the idea.


  1. too funny! kids really do say the funniest things.

    i forgot to add this in your last post, but colin did look so grown up with his hat on. i know that isn't probably what you want to hear, but he looked so grown up!

  2. He's a regular Bob the Builder! That one is a little comedian, I tell you. :)

  3. Too funny! Kids are so entertaining!

  4. Oh, how sweet. Adorable kid! :) Petra

  5. Too cute! I love how those little silly things end up being some of the most precious moments...

    Colin looks SO cute in his hat, too, btw!!!