Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly Recipe: Salmon with Sweet Chili Glaze

I realize not everyone loves seafood, particularly fish, but salmon is packed with health benefits.  It contains anti-aging omega 3's for your heart and brain.  Unfortunately, not all salmon is created equal and is not as healthy because of the living conditions for the fish.  Your best bet is Wild Alaskan Salmon and I can tell you that it has a much richer and intense flavor than the pale orange stuff.  I'll get off my soap box now and just encourage you to give it a try sometime and try to add it to your dinner options.  This is a good and easy recipe to start out with, as it somewhat disguises the fishy taste in favor of the sweetness of the sauce.

Salmon with Sweet Chili Glaze
adapted from Bon Appetit magazine April 2010

1/4  cup sweet chili glaze (in the Asian aisle)
2 T. soy sauce
1 1/2 T. grated fresh ginger
6 salmon filets, skins removed

Line rimmed baking sheet with foil.  Coat with non-stick cooking spray or olive oil.  Whisk first three ingredients together in a small bowl.  Place salmon, skin side down, on prepared sheet and top with sauce.  Let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes (this is where the flavor really soaks in).

Preheat broiler.  Spoon any remaining marinade on baking sheet over salmon.  Broil salmon without turning until browned in spots and almost opaque in center, about 6-10 minutes, depending on thickness of filet.


  1. I have been wanting to try a new salmon recipe Thank you! it looks delicious:)

  2. Mmmmmm... that looks wonderfully delicious. And light. And healthy. Yum! :) Petra

  3. Oh my!!! This looks amazing!! I love salmon so this recipe is perfect for me! Thanks so much!!! :)

  4. This looks great! I love how many health benefits are contained in one fish. Now I just need to make a point of eating it more... Thanks for the inspiration!