Saturday, March 6, 2010

Updates from the Colin front

I posted my updates so I wanted to share about Colin today. He's doing great with sleeping in his big boy bed. Thanks to those of you who offered suggestions but this one just seemed to need time. He has gotten out a couple times at night but one was to tell me he had to go potty (he had already gone in his diaper) and I couldn't discourage that. We'll see how well he naps in it though. I'm thinking the pitch black at night might be a deterrant but in the daylight, there's nothing stopping him.

The potty is not going as well. I should admit up front that I'm not exactly patient. I realize that's almost mandatory in parenthood but I'm still searching for mine. I wanted him to be potty trained with the snap of a finger but unfortunately it's not that easy. He understands the concept of it all but he needs to work on his timing. He consistently tells us right after he's peed that he feels like he has to go to the potty. He has had a couple of successful attempts but we still have quite a bit of work to do. I tried the reward thing last night and offered him a magic capsule if he went to the potty - if he won't do it for one of those, he really didn't have to go! We'll just keep practicing and sticking with it.

He's talking more and more about "Super Baby". He loves to help me cook dinner (I can only hope he's on his way to becoming a chef!) and his latest catch phrase is "I can help 'cause I'm a big brother now." Yes, if only it were only that simple. I should be expecting souffles in a matter of days! He also enjoys sharing all of the things that he'll get to teach his brother. And my favorite is his recent discovery of my belly. This morning he lifted up my shirt to "see" the baby. So sweet! Now we need to start the sharing exercises and we should be well on our way!

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  1. How sweet that he wanted to "see" the baby!! We always joke about Bailey being our little chef because she loves to help in the kitchen's so much fun to see them get excited about the food.