Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pregnancy Progress Report

Well I'm a little over 21 weeks today - yes, I did just have to get the calender out and figure that out but more on that later. Here are a few notes about this pregnancy thus far:
  • I think I'm about the same size as I was with Colin at this time. I'm carrying Little Boy Blue the exact same as I carried Colin.

  • I accomplished my own personal goal of making it through February without switching to maternity pants! I'm not sure why I set such a goal for myself but I found myself saying, "just one more day" like every day. Maternity pants are actually quite comfy but I guess my mind knew I'd be in them for a while so I might as well delay the inevitable as long as possible. Oh and don't get me wrong, not all of these pants have been fully buttoned - thank goodness for belts and long shirts (:

  • My nausea is nearly a thing of the past, although I do have flare ups from time to time (last night, for example). I still don't feel exactly right but then again I am carrying a foreign object in my belly and that's not exactly normal. I have a strange taste in my mouth nearly every day that is only cured by eating. That doesn't make for a very good diet plan.

  • The first trimester energy zapping days are over, thankfully. I still don't have a ton of energy but I manage. Colin gets heavier by the minute and yet I still have to lug his 33 pound body up and down the stairs on a daily basis. He understands some things but why mommy can't carry him isn't one of them.

  • There are days I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant. The second, and subsequent children, really get the short end of the stick in many ways. Having already gone through all the newness of pregnancy and the different milestones, I already know what to expect and it takes some of the fun and excitement out of it. Thankfully, it also takes a considerable amount of the worrying and uncertainty away too. I haven't read a single book this time, subscribed to a single website, or kept up with how far along I am in days/weeks. I haven't been obsessed with a baby registry, reading reviews of every gadget, or making sure we have everything we need for his nursery, life, etc. I have no doubt the same nervousness will overcome me the day we arrive at the hospital but there will be some solace in knowing what's to come. I'm hoping this time around I won't be as excitable when he cries but I've recently discovered (don't know why it took me so long) that I'm not one of those that can tune crying out - I can't tune anything out, much less a crying baby/child. Hopefully though I'll be better equipped mentally with what to do and not worry about people judging me that I'm doing something wrong. I just pray this little guy doesn't have colic or spit-up as bad as Colin did. If he does though, we know what to expect and hopefully that will make it a tinge easier.

  • Wes is especially great to me when I'm pregnant. I remember now how caring and sweet he was with the first one and now he's just as great this time around. He lets me rest frequently and tries to explain to Colin that mommy can't play as much or as hard right now. He will literally drop everything to go get me something that I'm hungry for. He helps a ton with Colin and has been doing a great job trying to get him ready for Little Boy Blue. He's eager to rub my back, massage my feet, or whatever else he thinks might help me. I think he feels kind of helpless during this phase and so he's just trying to do whatever he can to make it easier/better for me. I'm so lucky!!

I realized I hadn't posted any baby bump pictures. I'm sure you are all just dying to see my rapidly expanding belly, so here ya go! I apologize for the blurriness but you get the idea.


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful blog post! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on having a baby the second time around. Glad you are doing so well and you look fantasic! Such a cute baby bump!

  2. Um - how cute are you!!! And I love those pants ... want to tell me where you got them?!

    I can't wait for more updates ... I kind of miss doing mine ... although if I was currently 11 months pregnant, that would be awful!!!

  3. I think it's funny how different women feel about maternity pants. I embraced them really early...partly because I was excited to be pregnant & partly because I didn't like anything tight or constricting on me. (Now EVERYTHING is tight & constricting so I've just had to suck it up!) You look great!

  4. You look great! I like your perspective on the 2nd child, however if I ever get pregnant again
    (going on one year of trying)
    it has been so long since my first
    (13 years nearly)
    I can barely remember what it was like the first time around :)

  5. I think you look GREAT! And you will be so glad you wrote all this down. You think you will always remember the little things....but you don't!

  6. Enjoyed reading your update - you look great!

  7. As always, my dear, you look wonderful! I love hearing your thoughts on experiencing your second me something to look forward to!

  8. CONGRATS!! Where have I been? I'm so happy for you guys. And you look super cute!

    Your hubby sounds so sweet.

  9. Awww, your baby bump is adorable!

  10. you look awesome! your bump is so cute :)