Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Entertainment

It's no secret, nor should it come as a surprise to anyone, that having children puts quite the damper on your extra-curricular activities. Oh, come on and get your mind out of the gutter, not those kind of activities. Think more along the lines of date nights, reading (well for some of you this one applies), going out of town on a whim, movies, and you get the idea. Sure you give these activities up for the time being but you are rewarded with creating lifelong memories with your little offspring(s). And if you are fortunate to be blessed with a comedian, you can just look at it as free entertainment.

I remember when my sister's oldest was a toddler. Just as kids are bound to do, she often made us laugh at the things she did or said. And just like one would expect, we would laugh. Well bless her heart, she wore her feelings on her sleeve and considered our laughter to be making fun of her and the waterworks would quickly ensue. After countless counseling sessions (with us, not trained professionals), she has since grown out of this and now looks for attention anyway she can.

Colin, on the other hand, takes pride in making people laugh, especially mommy and daddy. If he says something we find funny enough to laugh out loud at, he repeats it then about 10 times and then recites it back when you least expect it. He's proud as a peacock to get a rise out of us, no matter how big or small. He's a hoot and we love hearing what he's going to come up with today.

Here are a few of my favorites (and the only ones I can actually remember) from the past week or 2.

- "When I finish my lunch I'm going to have a baby inside my belly." After finishing said lunch I ask him if he has the baby. He answers by sucking in his tummy, holding his breath, and proclaiming, "I just squirted it out!"

I could barely contain myself. Please tell me how he knows that babies are, in fact, "squirted" out?!

- Along those same lines, he has renamed Super Baby to Pete. Not only that, he now has a baby that resides in his belly named Butch. Never fear, Super Baby is still in Daddy's belly. For those of you not privy to watching Mickey Mouse daily, Pete is the giant and Butch is his dog. It really is quite sweet though because he talks to Pete and Butch daily to check on them and has started rubbing/petting my belly to show affection.

- I'm not sure where this next one came from because I promise I've made no such threats to him! Out of the blue, one day in the car, he told Wes and I that he wanted to trade us in. We both tried to explain to him that a) that wasn't nice and b) that meant he'd never see us again and have to go live with someone he didn't know. As I would expect for a 2-year old, he thought this sounded like a lot of fun and quickly agreed without hesitation. Incidentally, when we stopped next to a car and I asked him if he wanted to get out and go home with that lady, he paused for a moment and then said no, not her.

When we got home I asked him if he wanted to live outside? With the bears? He eagerly said yes and when I told him we couldn't do that, he started to tear up and said, "But I really do want to go live in the yard with the bears!"

Lesson learned, be careful what you offer or suggest!

- Just this weekend we were in the car and Lady Gaga was on the radio. He asked who was making that noise and I told him it was Lady Gaga. I told him she also sang Paparazzi and Poker Face. When we got home and were eating lunch, he told Daddy that he wanted to tell him something. This usually ranges in importance from "I had a good day with Buff and Grandpa" to "I love you." No, this time he told him that Lady Gaga sang Paparazzi and that he liked that song. Sadly, he does know the song and sings it from time to time. Parent of the year alert!!


  1. That child is hysterical! I love all of his little observations and cannot wait till my own young toddler starts making some funny observations of her own! Hope you're feeling well - life has been crazy the past couple of weeks, but let's see if we can nail down a weekend for dinner!

  2. I just love what can come out of their mouths sometimes!

  3. I think his mind works like Wes's. I have shared several of your Colin stories with Shawn & he will always just shake his head & proclaim that he truly is Wes's child. Sweet, yet a bit unnerving too.

  4. lol! love the stories! and we are now treading a fine line by playing rap in the car ... pierce likes to say "must be the money, HEY!" (nelly)