Friday, March 12, 2010

Bling, Bling

I'm no stranger to costume jewelry and actually tend to prefer it over the "real" stuff. I'm such a practical person that I just can't justify spending a ton of money on an accessory that you don't even wear every day. I'm also a very visual person and generally need to try something on before committing to buy it. I see other women wearing great jewelry but just because it looks good on them doesn't mean it's going to look good on me. That doesn't stop me from looking online and occasionally purchasing online without seeing trying it on. I mean with Forever 21 and Sam Moon, it's easier to justify with their super low prices.

On one such recent online visit to Forever 21, I was taken with this ring:

Online the ring looked big but not gargantuan. As a friend of mine pointed out, they did disclose the dimensions and I guess it was my responsibility to see what those dimensions actually were but why? How big could it be, right? This big:

I forgot to factor in my petite hands and fingers. But I still chose to rock it out - well that and it was a final sale. I had several comments, both verbal and with the eyes. One of these said comments was from my husband. He clearly wasn't a fan and expressed his dislike with the classic eye roll and the "it looks like an egg" comment. I reminded him I don't like everything he wears and he agreed.

So the lesson to be learned is more a warning: objects may appear smaller online than in real life!


  1. love it! sam would dislike it too but it looks SOOOO fun!!

  2. ahh bear is right - it does look fun!

  3. wow! that. is. a. big. ring!
    i love buying fashion jewelry, sometimes it really does make the outfit.