Sunday, February 7, 2010


Just because you're pregnant does not give you the right to eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting! I did manage to put the lid back on before polishing it off but it was a struggle for sure. Keep in mind, I'm not even an ice cream fan. Sure, I'll take it if there's nothing else but I'd never pick it first. So why the sudden change of heart? Let me just show you:

I don't know who this Hannah Teter person is but she's a culinary genius in my book! Thankfully the words read "Limited Edition" around the lid because this could be deadly to my waistline (which is currently nonexistent anyway, thus the rationale to eat the entire thing). It's a perfect marriage of caramel, blondie bits, and maple. Seriously my mouth is watering just thinking about those little bursts of doughy goodness!

I would tell you to rush out and try it but I'm not here to advocate bad behavior. So here's my warning label for you - WARNING: This ice cream may cause severe addiction if not consumed in moderation!

And thanks to my good friend (who was also preggo at the time), A, for turning me on to this. I owe ya one!


  1. i think i shouldn't even tempt myself with that one. you have more willpower than i do. i have none when it comes to ice cream. i wont even buy it and keep it in the house b/c i know how dangerous it is for me. sounds crazy, i know. if i want an ice cream badly enough though i drive to graeters or dairy queen that way i have some sort of control of my intake.

    hope you have been feeling good!

  2. lol ... i told you so!!! we bought out all of them from wal-mart our last trip there & then when i had lunch with sam last week, we went to ben & jerry's and i had them make it into a shake - ALSO fabulous!!!!

    hannah teter is an olympic snowboarder (?) from vt - also the home of ben & jerry's!!!

  3. oooo, i just sent this link to my sister. she's going to LOVE this! she's TTC now, so maybe she should stock the freezer for when she does have pregnant cravings ;)