Monday, February 8, 2010

0 to 80

I often wonder what and how the new baby will add to the mix. Will he/she have similar personality traits to Colin? Will he/she have colic - dear lord, isn't one child enough? Have mercy please. Will Colin teach him/her things...good things? Will Colin suddenly want to do big boy things like use the potty, sleep in a big boy bed, cut his own food, and/or feed himself. I certainly hope all of the latter are true but I honestly worry for my sanity if he/she has the same energy intensity as my redheaded ball of fire.

I know all children are bundles of energy and like to climb, run, and play but do they all do it with such intensity and ALL the time? He and I took what I thought to be a quick jaunt up to the mall this weekend. He refused to ride in his stroller and I've learned to not even take the darn thing because all I'll be doing is pushing it empty while trying to chase him or watching as he tries to escape out the side, tipping the entire thing over. So since he's of monster weight, I told him he'd have to walk.

What was I thinking? Really? We stopped at every mannequin to notice whether or not she had a head, what her hands were doing, how many there were, etc. Then we got to ride the escalator - seriously the highlight of our entire trip. He does surprisingly well on them and stands perfectly still, holding my hand with one hand and the rail with the other. Then we get to the department and I attempt to look around. I tell him to stand close and within 2 seconds, he's gone like a flash. I found him quickly the first 3 times but the next one wasn't so fun. My heart literally sank as I was yelling, "Colin" with no response. I began to feel a cold sweat come over me, as all the millions of terrible scenarios start playing in my head. Finally he appears with a huge grin on his face. I swat his tail (no reaction) and pick him up. He knows exactly what he's done because 2 seconds later he's pleading with me to let him down and he promises not to run away. I've always hated these things:

but now I completely appreciate them! I seriously think that's the only way I'd be able to contain him.

We go on out into the mall where he now refuses to hold my hand. Great, he's only 2 and it's already not cool to hold your mom's hand. We go in William Sonoma, which Colin fondly refers to as the "sample store". I always pretend as if I'm actually looking for something, when in reality all I'm looking for is the sample. He gladly eats whatever it is and then proceeds to pick up everything in site. I think nothing of it because he's within both my site and reach and he hasn't broken anything yet. Little did I know that the nice saleslady who greeted us as we walked in (and I'm sure eyed us all the way to the treat stand) had been watching us the whole time. I told Colin it was time to go. As he pulls the sticks out of a fondue pot, the stalker lady asks as we walk out the door, "Is he always 0 to 80 like this?" I kindly reply, "Yes, all the time." And I thought he was being good?!

Lesson learned here is that shopping that requires any browsing or thought is not for us right now. Perhaps peapod will be a little girl who loves to shop and I can train her right from the get-go! Until then, maybe I'll invest in a "Leash me go!"


  1. i used to love i just as well shop online. it's so much easier!

  2. Sounds like it was a stressful trip! I can't believe the lady actually asked you that as you were leaving...kind of rude.

  3. That little boy is a hoot! While I can still keep up with her relatively quickly, we are now at that stage where Alexandra wants to walk and not be carried - not very convenient when mommy is in a hurry. When I went to pick her up early today from daycare because of the snow, she threw a fit and launched herself backwards in my arms when I picked her up. Fun!

  4. LOL - I SOOOO almost bought one of those kid leashes!!! (I didn't.) Pierce is generally good in stores but he's had a LOT of practice shopping with me the last two years! Now I need to figure out how to easily do it with two kids.

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