Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm SO ready for Spring!

After the down right balmy temperatures we had this weekend, I can without a doubt confirm that I am officially ready for spring! I think a large part of the country experienced the little tease of warmer temperatures and sunny skies. I'm sure it's safe to assume most people were smiling because of it!

I went to run some errands on Saturday and it was like someone had opened the flood gates and freed the caged animals. Every single store I went in was packed to the gills and the parking lots were crammed full. After shedding my coat from the sweat I worked up, I called Wes on my way home to see if Colin wanted to go to the park. Dumb question, of course he said yes.

We got super muddy getting from the car to the park but once we got there it wasn't so bad. He had a blast and it was so nice for him to run off some of his energy and not be cooped up in the house. He tried every piece of equipment and even though he was timid at first, he warmed up to all of them and bravely did them all. I planned ahead and took my camera but after just a few shots he told me "no more pictures." I guess that might be why I can't ever get him to actually look at the camera.


  1. if you are interested yes i can sell one or both. just email me back or convo me and we can discuss specifics. i can also do different colors. let me know! thanks! -V

  2. oops you were talking about the quilts! not the pillows! sorry!
    the quilts are going to quilt market so i can't sell those! i'm so sorry!

  3. Wasn't the weather great?! I LOVE that last picture of Colin. It cracked me up.