Sunday, February 28, 2010

Change Will Do You Good

It's been a weekend of firsts as our humble abode. Colin had his first successful attempt with the potty and he got his big boy bed in his room! Let's not get carried away though, neither are by any means mastered accomplishments. The fact that he was even willing to sit on the potty though is a step in the right direction. And his giddy laughter with his bed is a bonus as well.

The potty. Lately he has been telling us either as he's peeing or immediately afterwards that he's "made a shooie." We took this as a sign he was uncomfortable with a wet diaper and therefore maybe ready for the potty. He was ready and willing to go commando on Saturday. We went to the potty no less than 10 times, with no luck. I tried to make up a song, a dance, we took toys, we went without toys, but nothing seemed to do the trick. It wasn't until he started peeing in the floor that I was able to pick him up and get him to dribble a little more in the actual potty. He was so proud of himself. He immediately jumped up to look at his prize (the pee in the potty). Ten minutes later he proceeded to pee in the living room floor and then immediately in a diaper. So in the span of 15 minutes, the kid peed 4 times! Seriously, is that normal?!

This probably wasn't the best weekend to start this seeing as how Wes and I had a date night Saturday and Colin stayed with Buff and Grandpa. Mom eagerly picked up where I left off but he didn't manage to hit the target any more there than he did here.

We continued the nakedness today but he's either holding it in or he didn't drink enough because the child only peed 1 time all afternoon and that was, unfortunately, in the floor (at least it was hardwood this time). Practice makes perfect but I hope he doesn't lose interest in the meantime. You experienced moms can feel free to weigh in with any tips or comments. I have the stuff to make a reward chart and I plan to start that tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm not a fan of sweet treats as rewards but I'm not opposed to stickers or small toys after so many stars.

The big boy bed. I consider it an accomplishment in and of itself that he even likes the thing. He's not a big fan of change and I worried that this would be too much, too fast for him. Wes' family was here when Colin came back from Buff's and got to see his surprise in his room. He immediately got the biggest grin on his face and wanted up.

Silly me, I thought this would mean he'd also be so excited to sleep in it. Well after Wes' youngest sister wore him out from running with him for 2 hours, he was exhausted. I thought this would be the perfect situation for the inaugural event. No so luck. He sang, he read books that he has memorized, he talked to his critters, and eventually just got out of bed. After putting him back up twice, laying with him, leaving him alone, I realized no nap was in the cards. The bed had become a play zone, not a nap zone.

Tonight he was SO exhausted, as were Wes and I, that he went down straight away. He's been down for 30 minutes or so and I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't wake up eye to eye with a little being about 3 in the morning! I added some extra pillows to make him feel more blocked in than he was during his nap. Here's hoping we'll all get a full night's sleep! Again, tips of the trade are greatly appreciated here.

I wanted to share the sweetest Colin story with you. Last week he had a rough day where he hit and bit Buff. He got scolded from all directions and apologized, for what that's worth in a 2-year old's mind. The next day he had school and when I asked him how his day went, the first thing he told me was that he didn't hit anyone, he only gave hugs. I told him that was very nice and he said, "No, Buff said that was sweet of me." Sweet or nice, I'll take either!


  1. Hope last night went well and he stayed in his bed!! You're on the right track with the potty, we had several accidents on the floor before Bailey finally realized that she needed to tell us before the pee started :)

  2. Potty training and bed training usually just take time. I am a firm believer of exposing them to the potty without having a stressful situation on your hands (or his). On days when your home take him every 20 minutes and if there are more than 3 accidents in a short amount of time, try again another day. Then one day they want to use the potty and it clicks without much work. They know how to do it because you have exposed them and then they are ready and it is easy!! I hope it all falls into place soon.