Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashionable bump

I honestly enjoy being pregnant, nausea and all. I remember dreaming of being pregnant when I was younger and fearing it both for the obvious pain during labor and the torturous 9 months. It seems everyone is quick to tell you the negative aspects of pregnancy and seldom share the sheer joy of the experience. I know it's not a bed of roses for every mother but I suppose I've been lucky because I look back on my first experience very fondly.

One aspect that this penny-pincher didn't like then and still doesn't like now is maternity clothes. Don't get me wrong, the fashionistas out there have paved the way for many more favorable options but for a practicalist (I realize that's not a word), buying a bunch of clothes that you'll only wear for a couple months is just nonsensical. This doesn't mean that I don't check the various maternity sites frequently but it's hard for me to break down and actually buy something. I'm cheap, yes I know. I'm beginning to enter the transition stage where my regular clothes are getting tighter but I'm trying to stay out of my maternity clothes for as long as I can. As I sit with my pants cutting off the circulation, I find myself looking...a lot.

Here are some of the temptations I've seen lately:

How cute would this be for a wedding or special occasion?!
Perhaps I'm longing for warmer weather with this one but I love Lily and the colors she uses.
Thankfully, there's Old Navy and Target for us cheapskates. Even with those I wait for sales (: I guess I might be waiting a while for a sale on these summer things since it's only January!


  1. Very cute! Looks like maternity clothes have gotten even that much better in the 2 years since I was pregnant with Alexandra. Of course, you look great in anything - you're such a cute pregnant lady!

  2. I thought ladies like you were a myth! The only thing I liked about being pregnant (besides getting to push back on little feet that kick you in late pregnancy) was the end result - the baby! It's not that every aspect of it was negative and I definitely like to tell people about my birthing experiences b/c they were not negative - but between having the huge belly, the nausea at the beginning, the awful awful awful heartburn & acid reflux, the foods I couldn't eat - it is definitely not on my enjoyable list!

    BUT I will give you my tips for a fashionable pregnancy. Buy a few pair of maternity jeans (pants for you if needed) that you love - you can wear them again & again & no one cares b/c you're pregnant. Old Navy maternity tanks are just super long tanks with good stretch - they're at a great price & you can wear them even when you're not pregnant! Then for my other tops, I mostly tried to buy non-maternity ones that would stretch or were a bit flouncy (think Target). And I loved just wearing normal cardigans that I didn't even attempt to button. The more clothes that would fit post-pregnancy - the better! And long necklaces - my FAVORITE this go round!

    Also - LOVE LOVE LOVE your use of practicalist. Perfect!

  3. I'm with ahh bear on this one, the only thing I miss about being pregnant is feeling the baby move, that is truly amazing! I'm in the same boat with you, I bought as little as possible when I was pregnant. I loved looking at all the cute maternity clothes, but I just couldn't spend all that money on clothes I could only wear for a limited time!

    By the way, I got all excited when I read the title of your post...I thought we were going to get to see a cute baby bump :)

  4. I love being pregnant too! I must admit, though, I've had a pretty mild pregnancy as far as symptoms go. I'm not sure if I'd feel as eager about it if I'd had my head hanging over a toilet every day for the past 6 months.

    I love Old Navy maternity clothes! I honestly don't shop there that much not-pregnant, but their maternity clothes have been a life-saver. I also found some cute things at Kohl's, and they're almost always having some kind of sale or sending coupons in the mail. And Target is just a no-brainer--they're God's gift to shoppers.

  5. This last time around I bought all my maternity clothes at a thrift store. They were all name brand and looked new and were way cheaper than even Target.

  6. If you need a laugh in the midst of your online searches for maternity wear, google "bridesmaid dress, maternity" ... One of my maids was due 2 months after our wedding, so we had to find her a suitable dress to match the others. Luckily I'd gone with simple black dresses ... but it was still somewhat of a challenge. Let me tell you about some of the sites you will find ... big hair, big belly, straight from the 80's and hilarious!!

    Luckily we found a great dress from Nordstrom Maternity and it was a steal - $40, I think ... and no alterations needed!

    Happy Shopping!!

  7. Here's my solution: I just bought the basics-a white oxford cloth shirt, blue jeans, kakhi's, a black dress etc. I'd mix it all up with a scarf or colorful accessories. Hope you are feeling good and doing well. What an exciting time in your life!