Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The baby, through Colin's eyes

Wes and I told Colin fairly soon after we found out I was pregnant that he was going to be a big brother. I should have expected his nonchalant response but there was a little part of me that hoped he'd prove me wrong and jump up and down with excitement. No, he just looked at me, said, "oh" and moved on to the next topic, which I'm sure was either food or books.

Since then I've used him to tell my mom, dad, and some friends that Mommy had a baby in her belly. I thought it was a cute way to spread the news and it didn't involve me getting all nervous and sweaty. He often gets asked if he wants a brother and sister and his reply has always been, "both." Hmm, not so much this time around but I guess that's what we get for asking.

Wes and I have both tried to actively talk about the baby to Colin and I've certainly used it multiple times to try to encourage him to a) sleep in a big boy bed, b) use the big boy potty, and most recently c) eat like a big boy. I'm not too proud to use a little psychological bribery to get the end result I want. None of them have worked thus far but this relentless, nagging mother hasn't given up the good fight yet.

Now for some funnies courtesy of Colin. I overheard him one night ask Wes if he had a baby in his belly. Then he wanted to know if he, Colin, had a baby in his belly. Wes explained to him that only mommies have babies. He was quiet for moment while he took that in but that seemed to appease him.

Tonight Wes asked him what he thought we should name his brother or sister and he first reassured us he wanted 2 and then decided "super babies" would be an appropriate name (that's a Dora reference). He also asked if he could show the baby his room. I think he's starting to get the hint that this is real and there really is a baby coming to live with us. I'm anxious to see and hear what he says once my belly really starts getting big. Note: it's already big, just not REALLY big yet!


  1. Super Babies? I love it! Although, let's make that singular to Super Baby...unless Colin knows something the rest of us don't! :)

  2. sooooooooooo sweet! pierce was a bit young when i was pregnant so all i got out of him was when i would say, "where's the baby" - he'd point at my belly & then when i said, "you should give the baby a kiss", he'd kiss my belly.

  3. I see nothing wrong with Super Babies Deskins. I think it has a nice ring to it.

  4. NICE! What a cutie! My oldest had no desire to "grow up" until after Ross arrived and then it was shortly thereafter that he decided he was NOT a baby and went straight to the potty, etc.

    Best wishes and prayers for an easy, healthy pregnancy and happy healthy baby!!!