Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Crocodile Hunter

One of the gifts my mom got Colin was in a decorative bag, that is all but the tail. So this green tail taunted him until he was finally allowed to open it. What was it? A life sized crocodile! Seriously, we already have 15 "critters" as Colin refers to them that he sleeps with, carries around the house, and gets mad if they aren't all allowed to accompany him wherever he goes. So now we get to add a 5 foot crocodile to the mix?! Wonderful.

It's quite comical to see him lug this thing around but he's found the easiest way is to sling it around his neck like a scarf. It's hilarious to see because it looks like he's trying to wrestle a real crocodile. Thankfully, it hasn't taken up residence in his already crammed quarters of a bed. Nope, he gets his own big boy bed in the other bedroom. The baby doll gets the other bed in that room and no I'm not crazy, I'm trying to use this as a transition to entice Colin to want to sleep in a big boy bed too. He told me he would after Santa came so I'm just trying to warm him up to the idea slowly but surely - like sitting on Santa's lap. Here's hoping my plan works!

The illustrious bag. He's covering up the peeking tail.

The big reveal when he immediately goes into action and slings it on his shoulder.

The scarf action.


  1. my daughter sleeps with about 7 animals and we leave to go places we have to do it quickly and be sneaky sometimes. she wants to take everything, including a big dog that is the size of a full grown lab:)

  2. Cute! Bailey was sleeping with about 6-8 things, depending on the night, but we finally had to sneak things out. She was starting not to sleep good, and we thought it might be due to the crowded bed. I thought she would freak out, but as long as she had her teddy bear, she didn't care. We're down to 2 now...hoping we can keep it that way!

    Good luck with the transition!