Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Little Comedian

So not only is Colin scared of the Chik-fil-a cow, he's also traumatized by Mr. McGregor from Peter Rabbit and a random blow up cat at Halloween Express. We're still trying to squelch the fears but it's a never-ending battle. We hear about each of these characters on a daily basis. The conversations range from frustrating to hilarious and everything in between. Tonight definitely sided on the humorous side. Written words won't do it justice but I wanted to share. He clearly thinks Mommy knows everything, which I do, right?

Colin: Mr. McGregor get me.
Me: No he won't, he's busy.

Colin: Where's Mr. McGregor?
Me: Probably at home in his garden. Do you want to go see him?

Colin: Yes.
Me: Sorry, I don't know where he lives.

Colin: Nods his head yes as if I was lying.
Me: Well I don't know how to get there.

Colin: Yes you do, again like I was lying.

He was just so matter of fact about it. Silly me, I forgot that as a mother I'm suddenly expected to know everything, fix everything, and do everything.


When he's not talking about his fears, he's busy trying to make us laugh. He's funniest when he doesn't know we're listening. Tonight he was playing with this plastic canister and had it up over his mouth. I could hear him talking into it and strained to hear him. He was tipping it up to "get the honey out." We don't even watch Pooh, so how does he know? Because we laughed, he was willing to recreate the scene for a picture.

Another random saying that I just love (thank goodness since we hear it multiple times a day) -

Where are me?


  1. TOO CUTE!!! I keep hoping Pierce will move past his, "What is that?" phase!!

  2. adorable. isn't this such a fun age?