Monday, July 13, 2009

Toot Toot

I hate to toot my own horn but I have found the most amazing photographer! Really someone else introduced me to her but I'm still the one who got some awesome pictures! I do firmly believe that finding a photographer that meets your wants and desires is a personal, sometimes frustrating journey. I think everyone has their own expectations and viewpoints and not every photographer is going to be a good fit for your personality and/or style. Having gone through several photographers (including the one from our wedding), I've developed a pretty good idea of what I want, or more importantly, what I DON'T want. When I found Denisha, I loved her uniqueness, her quirky style, her organic take of photography. I could only hope that my photos would turn out half as good as those on her site.

After a fun morning, in Richmond of all places, Wes and I were eager to see the finished results. As we drove down this deserted street and pulled into a vacant parking lot, I joked that it was a good thing she had warned us of where we were going. Since taking more interest in photography, I can appreciate the subtle nuiances in the backdrops or surroundings that make up a picture. Sure the picture is about the subject but the background can really enhance the subject. I looked around at these deserted old buildings and saw so much character and charm remaining amongst them. The colors were amazing and I was so pleased, as I knew they'd make for some beautiful backdrops.

Colin was immediately happy as a clam with the copious amounts of rocks. Yep, no toys, balls, or paci's here, we're entralled with rocks - and the more the merrier. As luck would have it, all 3 of our locations had rocks. Oh well, it kept him happy and somewhat occupied. Wes was getting frustrated and I reminded him that it could be a lot worse! We all ended up having a blast and thoroughly enjoyed our time with Denisha. You could tell she had young children of her own because of her patience, willingness to work with us, and some little tricks up her sleeve. She was totally into us and that's exactly what we wanted. She made it so easy for us to just be ourselves and I think the pictures reflect it as such. She was kind enough to post a sneak peak for us on her blog. Yep, we had the pictures taken on Saturday and the photos were up 24 hours later - totally unheard of, right?! If you're in the market for a photographer, I'd highly recommend checking Denisha's work out and seeing if she might be a good fit for you!


  1. Hey, you were in my neck of the woods:)

    I will check out her site. I would highly recommend Melanie Mauer. She has a website and blog. She is amazing photographer and the most sincere, nicest person I have ever met!

  2. Wow! The pictures on her blog are fabulous! I LOVE the one with you both holding him up and the first one on the page - he looks so grown up.

  3. I am just glad that there is someone left in the world who understands that a photographer is rarely about price and more about style. AND that not every photographer is for EVERY person! Me personally... bring on the weddings!!! Great pix btw!