Thursday, July 30, 2009


...knucks! Being the mother of a little boy, not having had a brother, is a learning process. Every day I discover a little bit more as I catch a glimpse inside the head of a growing little boy. Most of these discoveries are made possible by the other "little boy" in our house, Wes. Tonight's discovery was a lesson on the male handshake or informal greeting/goodbye - respect knucks. Here are Colin and Daddy demonstrating (please ignore Wes' evening attire!):

Later I got schooled in the proper format and then Colin and Daddy posed for a tender moment.


  1. Funny :) You gotta love the "tender moment" photo.

  2. It's not just for boys Dana...Jason and Sidney are constantly doing "knucks" or "hitting the tater" and most recently, she's learned to hit them while saying "Shake...and bake" from Taladaga Nights. Lovely!