Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All Boy

First I want to thank all of those who indulged me during my little pity party. Thank you all for leaving such encouraging and supporting comments. I'm so glad to know you all are there and more importantly, that you're getting something from my posts. That was just what I needed! And thanks to my loving husband for reassuring me that he, too, reads my blog.

On to some less sappy stuff and on to a dirt-loving, rock-collecting, into everything little boy. Colin attends a Mom's Day Out program on Tuesdays that ironically gives Grams (Buff) a day off. Yesterday she called to tell me that Colin's once white shirt was no longer white and was now covered in dirt, paint, and drool - in other words, he looked like a typical little boy. He looked so precious, just like what you would imagine a little boy to look like after a day of playing hard and loving every minute of it. Here's a few pictures from mom's front porch that is now covered in toys.

If you look closely, you can see the yellow paint down the front of his shirt. The dirt is not as visible but it's there nonetheless.

A few weeks late, he's still very patriotic.

Hard at work pulling the wagon that 3x his size. He used to be afraid to even ride in this thing and now he can hardly wait to play with it. Thanks, Grandpa!

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