Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sometimes things don't go as planned.  Take for instance Easter afternoon.  Colin usually takes his afternoon siesta anywhere from 11:30 to 1pm.  Well imagine how tired little booger was at 3:30 when he hadn't had a nap all day.  He was too busy playing with Gumbaw (Grandpa) and his 2 nieces as they hunted for eggs and basically ran around the backyard for 2 hours.  On the way home, he could barely keep his eyes open.  I tried to talk to him but bless his heart, he couldn't fight the eyelids any longer.  After being moved from my arms, to my bed, to Wes' shoulder, he finally landed on the couch in Wes' office.  Keep in mind, he only sleeps in his crib, so this was a real treat.  My initial thought was that if I was holding him he'd take a shorter nap, thus keeping on schedule somewhat.  Well you know what they say about the best laid plans...  He finally woke up at 7pm and was raring to go.  He ate dinner, ran buck wild, and was in the best mood.  Surprisingly, he did go back down for night-night at 9:30ish.  I could have easily beat him by an hour but he wasn't having that.  

All that just so I can share a precious picture with you.  My big boy laying on the couch like a grown man!


  1. He looks so big in this picture!!! Very sweet :)

  2. I love the name Gumbaw, how precious. It seems like my boys (now age 37 & 32) were that age just yesterday.