Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Best Cake Ever!

I hope you're sitting down for this one because you're in for a real shocker! First, I begrudgingly accepted my mother's gracious offer to bake Wes' birthday cake this year. Gasp! What? Are you feeling okay? I know, all of those thoughts are surely swimming in your little heads right now. Yes, it was the day before our big excursion and I just didn't see a way to pull it off. Plus, I had just made a birthday cake for a coworker the weekend before.

Never fear, I still did all the research and selected what I hoped would be the perfect cake for Wes. Wes is a simple man, one who prefers plain vanilla ice cream, plain chocolate cake, plain pancakes, and well, you get the point. His favorite is chocolate but seeing as how I'm not a huge fan, I searched for a compromise (insert the second shocker). Lordy begordy, did I find a winner! I can't even remember the way I stumbled upon this lovely delight but the details are irrelevant. This is seriously quite possible THE BEST cake I've ever put in my mouth - and lord knows that's been a lot. I think Erin says the icing recipe originated in a cookbook called Baked but since I don't own the cookbook, I can't verify that. Nonetheless, you can find both the cake and the icing recipe here. Seriously, put down whatever you're doing and either copy this recipe for a later date, go to the site and drool, or better yet, go make it NOW! This is some good cake.

I was reminded just how good the cake was about 30 minutes ago when I devoured a second slice that had been frozen from last week. You see I couldn't let good cake go to others, I mean to waste, so I wrapped up 2 pieces to take home and freeze for later. It was just as good the second time around. I apologize for this less that stellar photo but if I had smell-o-vision you'd forgive me because the smells wafting from your computer would more than make up for my photography woes.
Are you still sitting there? Why? Didn't I tell you to go make this cake!

UPDATE: Wes pointed out that I failed to mention the few modifications my mom made. I usually have a one stick maximum when it comes to butter and seeing as how the icing called for 2, I had to suggest changing that. I believe she said she only used 1 stick and then much less powdered sugar as well (I want to say 3 cups?). I can get her precise alterations if you're interested. Just let me know.


  1. You are too funny! If I weren't on a diet right now, I'd totally make this cake - for you to say it's the best ever, I know it has to be the BEST EVER! I'll save it away to make on a future date when I'm not starving myself.

  2. Ok I have no idea what is in that cake but whatever it is ... I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That looks unbelievably gooey and delicious.

  4. Yum! Can't wait to try this the next time I make a cake.

  5. Yum yum yum! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the cake! It's been months since I made it, but I swear I can still taste it. It still stands as my favorite cake & frosting combo.

    Oh, and I was actually inspired by the recipe for a salted caramel cake in the cookbook Baked, but in the end used different recipes.