Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trip Report

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath to hear of our weekend travels to Nashville.  Obviously, we made it home safe and sound and the trip was great!  It was great to see my friend and former roommate but it was also a lot of fun to watch the 3 kids interact.  

On the ride down, Colin and Sidney did quite well.  There was some staring initially when Colin was talking and/or screaming and Sidney would look at him like he was an alien but the stares quickly turned into very heavy eyelids.  They both slept almost the entire way down - thank you!

Upon arrival, Colin jumped right into the new toys.  I was busy unloading the car and he didn't miss me for a minute.  Mason was ready and waiting for his 2 friends and had stored up quite a bit of energy to share with them!  Colin thoroughly enjoyed all the news toys and probably would have been perfectly content with them and forgetting the other 2 kids.  
The 3 kids playing with Mason's train set.  Surprisingly, they shared this quite well.

Colin being perfectly content playing by himself with new toys.

He slept great, despite the hour time difference, and went down for his naps and "night-night" without a fuss.  As Wes said, "He's adaptable."  Apparently all my worrying was for naught.  He proved me wrong and was all but the perfect angel!
Heather holding Colin and Mason while Sidney got a closer vantage point for the tv.

Never fear, as soon as he got back to the comforts of his own home, he was wild as a buck.  He had to go to the "uh-oh box" 2 times within a matter of hours.  He was just glad to be home and thought it would be fun to test his boundaries.  After all, he hadn't seen daddy in 2 days so surely daddy would let him get away with anything, right?  Although Wes was VERY glad to see him, it wasn't long before he forgot just why he missed him!
Colin taking his first carousel ride.  He was nervous (I guess the thumb gives that away) and had to have me close by but he thoroughly enjoyed it once it got going.  


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  2. Cute pic's! Looks like you all had fun.

  3. Here is the link to the pot pie.

    I use soy milk and we really like it. I sometimes use leftover chicken instead of cooking the chicken with the veggies. I've used leftover turkey too.